How to Pick the Most Suitable Server Providers in Abu Dhabi?

It’s time to invest in a server setup in Abu Dhabi when a small business grows beyond two or three employees. Depending on the context, the word “server” may refer to server hardware, software, or the features of one or both. As with every equipment purchase, the logical place to start is with one basic question: what problem do you really want the server to solve?

How will a server for a small business be used?

A server is a remote computer that is usually housed in a server data centre. It’s always on, and it’s connected to the internet through gigabit ethernet. It can be used to host a variety of resources and applications that help businesses achieve their goals.

server setup in Abu Dhabi

Business servers can be used for a number of different things, including:

  • Employees will be given virtual desktops
  • Hosting for secure email
  • Data Sharing and Cloud Storage
  • Support for multiple virtual servers
  • Hosting a website or an eCommerce platform
  • Hosting SaaS applications such as customer relationship management, invoice management, employee management, as well as planning and collaboration tools.

A small business server can handle all of these functions and more. While a powerful server can accommodate all of them at once, there are benefits to spreading functionality across several smaller servers rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Consider the Following Factors When Choosing a New Server

The time it takes for a modern server to refresh is minimal. As a result, in order to optimise your return, you must make the best decision possible. Consider the following factors when buying a new server.

It is critical to maintain security.

Server protection is important for all businesses, regardless of their size. You’ll have to safeguard not only the company’s operational data, but also the data of your employees, business partners, and clients.

A cloud-based server is a viable option if you are uncertain about managing security controls or if you are a small business without a dedicated staff. Your company and the third-party will share responsibility for keeping your data secure. On the other hand, cybercriminals will be more likely to attack cloud-based servers. Investigate the third-background party’s before making a promise.

If your company has workers that are knowledgeable about technology and security, or if you can find someone who is, a dedicated server is a good option. You will be solely responsible for safeguarding your information and maintaining control over the security measures in place.


Another critical consideration is scalability. You would be able to meet your current needs if you buy a low-cost server. However, you may need to add another server to scale your business. It’s crucial to think about the company’s future capability needs. If scalability is not a problem, you may need to buy an additional server to scale up.

Businesses, on the other hand, often overestimate their future requirements. The bulk of your computational power would be wasted if you overestimate your requirements. The server’s operating costs would also rise as a result. You should try to figure out what the company’s future needs are. This will guarantee that you get the right server.


This issue would arise if you purchase low-cost servers. These servers are, on average, less dependable. As a consequence, they are vulnerable to falling. This isn’t a concern if you’re not using a centralised network. In a centralised network, however, a few seconds of downtime will bring the entire activity to a halt.

Some companies are unconcerned with unplanned downtime. As a result, they don’t have to worry about consistency. Downtime, on the other hand, can result in substantial sales loss in some industries. It is better to invest in more costly servers if you need reliable servers. Many of the most recent redundancy features will be used on these servers. This will help you reduce the amount of time your server is unavailable.

As an IT support company in Abu Dhabi, we can provide solutions for both Windows Small Business Server and Mac Small Business Server. It is also possible for small businesses to migrate from on-premises servers to our cloud servers.

Regardless of the size of your business, we continue to work hard to ensure that our products are customised to your needs. Please contact our friendly team at (+971) 24471883 if you have any questions about your server options.


What are the advantages of an IT Company in Abu Dhabi ?

Do you have a problem with IT? Make a note of the incident and begin the process of locating the best IT company in Abu Dhabi to handle it. One of the advantages of IT HELPDESK SUPPORT SERVICES ABU DHABI  is that regardless of whether an issue arises from the board, a client phone call, an email, or a web interface, it can be ordered and resolved using help desk programming. An occurrence documented within the framework requests all data, including prioritization, which will be distributed to the appropriate staff to resolve the issue. 

IT Company in abu dhabi


Problem ManagementAnother advantage of the IT Company is pattern analysis, which detects problems in your system. The ability to solve problems effectively is critical to your efficiency and productivity. IT Support Abu Dhabi will assist you in obtaining the data you require to distinguish what is causing occurrences that cause problems and to see examples of disappointment in these reports.

Issues can also be logged, which includes tracking the data within the issue and avoiding future problems. Best IT HELPDESK SUPPORT SERVICES ABU DHABI arrangements also include tools that allow you to customize your own work process formats. Because every situation is unique, why should your work processes appear to be the same?


One of the advantages of help desk programming is that it can help you a timetable trade, and send reports with underlying exposing instruments, regardless of whether through standard, pre-characterized, or altered reports. Use an inquiry editorial manager to run a write about a distinguishing question, or get data on changes, issues, episode demands, and so on. You can also schedule routine reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and have them delivered to the appropriate groups via PDF, XL, CSV, or HTML groups.


One of the most significant benefits of the best  IT Company in Abu Dhabi is security. You can restrict your care staff and clients’ access to specific offices and set consents for the majority of your staff. You can control visitor access by creating client accounts, and there are additional tools available to combat spam by requiring human approval. Some product bundles include secret word self-administration, which allows your clients to reset forgotten passwords without contacting your IT staff. Some security tools will also provide information on client behavior.

Remote Access

You can broaden the scope of your IT staff by providing devices that allow them to connect to the framework from anywhere. More workers are now working from satellite offices or from home, and they require access to the framework and a worker desktop. This entrance is provided by remote access, and the possibilities are endless from there.

A professional can take over responsibility for a client’s screen, which should be possible with the highest level of security. Clients can use talk capacities to investigate what is happening amid an occurrence report or exchange documents and organizers to assist in problem resolution. Furthermore, some help desk dashboards allow you to screen and break down from a remote location.


The benefits of the IT Company listed above are just a few of the many benefits that your company will gain from implementing the best IT HELPDESK SUPPORT SERVICES ABU DHABI  for your company. Investigate and contrast your options to ensure that you find the best solution for your needs.


5 Reason to Have an Annual Maintenance Contract in 2021

Good maintenance is essential, regardless of the type of maintenance. That is why Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) are so popular and essential. When a company has these in place, they can rest assured that their maintenance needs will be met throughout the year. This can apply to everything from IT hardware maintenance to building maintenance and everything in between.

If you’ve never heard of AMCs but want to learn more about what they are and what they can offer businesses like yours, you’ve come to the right place. There’s a lot to learn, and doing so could change how your company handles maintenance issues in the future.


5 Reasons why You Should have an Annual Maintenance Contract

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about AMCs, it’s time to talk about why you should have one in place for your company’s maintenance needs and requirements. Here are five of the most compelling reasons for you to think about it.

Save Money and Make Budgeting Easier

When you know who you’ll be paying for your maintenance needs and how much you’ll be paying, it makes budgeting for your business that much easier, which should not be underestimated. It will not only make financial management easier, but it will also take some of the uncertainty out of running your business.

Furthermore, many businesses discover that having a dependable AMC in place saves them money. You’ll know what you’ll be paying for the coming year, and those prices won’t unexpectedly rise, costing your company a lot of money.


Get More Out of Your Hardware or Facilities

If you rely on the hardware and facilities you have in place, you’ll want to make the most of them every day. That is common sense, and having your network properly maintained annually is one way to ensure you get the most out of it. They will remain efficient and consistently perform well in this manner.

You may not be aware of inefficiency issues, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t occurring or have an impact on your business. With proper and regular maintenance, you won’t have to worry about this because it will be taken care of by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Focus on Other Things and Leave Maintenance to the Pros

It is critical that you concentrate on the most important aspects of running your business; the kinds of things that only you as the owner can do. It is far more productive for you to concentrate on these things rather than worrying about maintaining technology and equipment all of the time.

Of course, it’s also less expensive than hiring someone to handle that stuff for you on a full-time basis at your workplace. As a result, many people believe that AMCs are the best solution for keeping your equipment, tools, and technology in good working order.

Expert Technicians at Your Disposal

It’s always a good idea to have a pool of expert tech professionals on hand for when you need them. It can be a huge relief to know that you can call on them and rely on them to do the right kind of work for you. You can easily find an IT company in Abu Dhabi that has a large number of talented experts at its disposal.

Make the most of this fact because hiring such talented people to work for your company full-time would cost you a lot more money, which is not what you want.

Emergency Support When You Need It

You never know when an emergency will strike, so you should always be prepared. Nobody wants to be caught off guard and unsure what to do when there is a problem with their equipment or technology, and having an AMC in place is one way to avoid this.

You will be able to contact the maintenance staff for assistance, and they will be able to resolve any issues you may be experiencing. That way, you won’t have to worry about finding people to assist you, and everything in your workplace will hopefully be back to normal in no time.


If you are one of those companies who look forward to such an IT ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT ABU DHABI , please approach us at Bluechip-gulf and call us at (+971) 24471883.


Server Set Up in Abu Dhabi – Boost Organization Functioning

Server Set Up in Abu Dhabi – Boost Organization Functioning

You must focus on the right kind of servers in order to achieve business objectives efficiently, since they play a critical role in completing business processes, it is imperative to invest in a good server setup in Abu Dhabi. If the industry is still in its early stages, particularly for small companies, it is critical to invest in the right server solutions to meet the needs of the company. It is more convenient for enterprise operations in this respect, as it also aids in recognizing the right access to files and records, fast data sharing, and on-site and remote data storage. You won’t be able to choose the right data recovery tools if you don’t have accurate services at your disposal.

The server is critical to the smooth operation of a company. It incorporates all of the business processes, resources, and, most critically, serves as the central repository of vital data as an integral component. Your company does not want to suffer the consequences of not finding a properly configured server.

By deploying technologies for profitable and productive growth, the right servers will help many companies become productive and self-reliant. Finding a distributor that will help with server setup in Abu Dhabi and deployment of Network devices, Domain controllers, Web servers, and Network servers serves appropriately for different business uses. With the experts in the place, you do not get to suffer from maintenance issues, as with their extensive experience and the vast knowledge you get to have complete server solutions.

Server Solutions to Amplify your Business Goals

  • Installation of the Microsoft server
  • Hardware upgrade for the server
  • Installation and initialization of an Exchange server
  • Installing SQL Server
  • Installation of a Linux Server
  • Server administration and upkeep

It is critical for businesses to choose the right networking equipment suppliers in Abu Dhabi, who are known for providing them with dependable and up-to-date IT services. By partnering with the leading cloud providers, server solutions act as a key category for small companies, allowing for a rapid recovery from any major or minor disaster. It has been shown from experience that indigenous storage can be put to good use. It gives you the ability to be both strong and reasonable, making it an ideal situation in which to implement a more progressive backup approach for small businesses.

Getting the right kind of server, in the long run, is critical for an enterprise looking to fulfill its business ventures; however, with a variety of options available, you have a considerable amount of time and resources when it comes to choosing the server for your company. Choosing the right kind of server is not an easy process, and for many company owners, it can be daunting. That is why it is critical to have a team that can help you with server setup in Abu Dhabi by assisting you in fulfilling the server requirements.

Different Benefits Of Serving

  • The server aids in the centralization of company data and have a more stable and secure setup.
  • Data can be shared efficiently across networks with the help of a server.
  • Allows for the deployment of new apps and customers.
  • Increases the computing capacity available to your company.
  • It enables the addition of more computers.

Employing or outsourcing an IT team that understands what they are delivering to consumers is critical to avoid making the process of server selection a stressful job. You should be aware that with the right people on your side, you can easily acquire the necessary servers for your company’s development.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Opt for IT Annual Maintenance Contract in Abu Dhabi

IT Annual Maintenance Support Contract in UAE

In the present scenario, a computer has become a necessity to meet or daily corporate needs. Whether you use an old desktop, LED, or laptop, none of your corporate agendas are complete with a perfectly running computer system.

Furthermore, a computer acts as a primary networking medium and helps to exchange information. It would only be appropriate if we assume the whole planet is computer-dependent so there is a considerable rise in demand for IT annual maintenance contract in Abu Dhabi.

Purchasing a new hardware device is a difficult option for those with proper knowledge. As there are several computing devices with competitive prices as well as varying features, it makes it overwhelming to proceed with the purchase. Likewise, when it comes to maintenance of the devices, it is again a daunting task, finding a team who can help you with bits and bytes of your technical infrastructure is critical.

We have listed top tips that will help you to understand which kind of annual maintenance contract will work the best for you.


A strong IT supplier is viewed by many organizations as a gift in disguise. You will use modern equipment and all the technologies you need anywhere and wherever possible with a limited amount of the monthly bill. The business market has shifted quickly, and you can see the increase and decline of this transition easily. It allows you to scale IT services that completely rely on your market needs at a mere monthly operating expense. It also means that your investment is not paralyzed by your trust in its competence.


Your company is fully reliant on your IT needs, so it’s crucial that you invest in the right IT hardware resources. It’s also critical that you manage your technologies properly. IT AMC partners provide a range of benefits that will help you get the best out of the new IT infrastructure. It also means that you are less worried about technical assistance, routine repairs, and IT facility preservation. Additionally, with the right IT service providers by your side, you will get equipment maintenance services.


When you begin working with an AMC provider, it’s necessary to make sure you’ve picked one with a stellar reputation and proven record. Consider a business that has years of working experience with IT infrastructure to the fullest degree possible, supplying you with the required skills. You should select an IT annual maintenance contract in Abu Dhabi that has been in place for a long time and are focused on proactive maintenance. This would greatly assist you in achieving your technological goals.


If you are having technical problems or have network security questions, an IT service provider will provide you with much-needed assistance in real-time. Getting an IT team as your replacement would protect you from any hardware problems. Through working with experts, you can easily prevent any malfunctions that occur in your hardware or applications, and you can easily get straightforward and much-needed help to fix your technological problems.

Final Thoughts

Acting with an IT service provider means that you get the best results possible in all professional matters. It is vital for small-scale company owners to partner with an outsourced professional team that operates reliably to help you accomplish your technical goals. With the IT annual maintenance contract in Abu Dhabi, you will take advantage of cutting-edge technology that will assist in the smooth running of your company while also ensuring that your IT infrastructure is held up with the latest software and technologies.

IT Services

A Comprehensive Guide for Procuring Managed IT Services in Abu Dhabi

Managed IT Services in Abu Dhabi

Working with an outsourced IT company that can help in meeting and fulfilling your business ventures carefully is important, which is why we can see a number of organizations looking to opt for managed IT services in Abu Dhabi. For every organization, keeping the technical assets working is one of the most crucial things, which is why the need of having an IT team that is upfront in managing your technical infrastructure is important. This is the reason you can see a number of organizations in UAE, especially small scale have outsourced the IT services, as it seems a thoughtful way of choosing the right service provider that can understand your business needs.

We have hashed up some reasons that explain the significance of having an experienced managed IT service team around.

Industry-Based Proficiency

Once you decide to opt for the managed IT service providers, the first thing you chose to do is – look for a company that not only offers a broad range of services but also has significant experience in handling and managing every technical aspect in your specific industry. Employing IT service professional, who has experience in your industry will ensure that they can easily handle and understand through what process your technical services goes.

Scalability for Organization

Every organization looks for the significant components for running their business solutions. The managed IT services providers aids in providing you with the agility and scalability that aids in meeting and managing to aid in sustainability that aids in providing the services as we see the way business inflates. It requires providing the organizations with a sturdy and ascendable IT infrastructure that aids in handling the demand of organization that aids in running the business for overtime.

Accessibility for Business

For every organization, it is important to have round-the-clock IT support plays a significant part in choosing the precise IT companies in Abu Dhabi. Although, you have to work for significant hours of the day, which aids in providing all the significant benefits that aid in providing your network that will provide you with the appropriate outcome. This keeps in running the essential goals, which makes you run in providing the 24*7 IT support so that the issues arise, which aids to sort out the working procedure.

Security Solutions

The organizations are looking for the right kind of security service providers that aids in providing them with the right perspective on the technical aspects, which is why for the small businesses, managed IT services provides them with the right security solution. The businesses are provided with data backup services, network security, recovery security, and many more.

All in All

Looking for the right kind of IT service providers, now is the time to look for the well-established company as well as the company with the relevant kind of experience in your field so that you will be able to meet your business ventures perpetually.


Working with an experienced IT service provider aids in offering you round-the-clock availability for your business needs, working well with the security solutions, and flexibility at the time of expanding your business. Managed IT services are the finest solution to meet your technical needs in order to fulfil the organizational goals.

IT Services, IT services in Abu Dhabi, managed IT services Abu Dhabi

A Concise Guide for Finding Quality IT Support in Abu Dhabi

Thriving in such a competitive world is a bit challenging, especially if you do not have the right resources in place. Irrespective of the business operations you run, without having the quality IT infrastructure, it is impossible for you to meet your business agendas, which is why it is important to procure finest IT support in Abu Dhabi, in order to let your technical operations continuously functioning.

IT plays a significant role in every field. whether it is a fashion industry, law firm, hospital, hospitality industry, stock market, or many more. Not having the systems properly updated and functioned, you might put your business at jeopardy and suffer from a huge loss, which doesn’t only limit to money, it also involves reputation, clients, as well as customers.

With the experienced IT team, whether in-house or outsourced, you can ensure that your systems are continuously functioning, and are secure from any kind of outside or cyber threats. Thus, the right IT support Abu Dhabi not only help in updating your systems regularly but also helps in creating precautionary measures to prevent network threats.

The most popular managed IT services Abu Dhabi has helped several businesses, especially small-scale with their technical issues, like data management, data recovery and backup, network security, IT infrastructure, and many more. For the small and medium scale businesses, opting for IT managed services is a significant decision, as it will help in meeting the budget, and you won’t be needing any additional resources to keep your IT operations running.

Nothing works better than placing the bet on the right support and services, and here the IT support team is your safest and best bet. They make sure, even if you are not present on the premises that you are provided with the updated options that will help you in the effective functioning of your organization. For businesses, it is important to scale the operational working of the systems, with the quality IT resources, so in order to meet your business endeavors, you are provided with the right kind of technical services to fulfill the IT operations perfectly.

IT Services, IT services in Abu Dhabi, managed IT services Abu Dhabi

Finding the Right IT Service Provider for Varied Organizational Needs

Organizations need to put their IT infrastructure in place, which is why having the right IT team is critical. The managed IT services deliver the organizations with the ongoing services to keep their technical environment constantly running. As you can see the way these technological industries are advancing, it is pretty difficult to keep all the IT processes constantly running, without any extensive IT departments.

IT service providers in Abu Dhabi, help you in meeting all your technical needs, but before that, you need to understand what kind of technical niches requires an IT expert.

Security Management

You avail of several sets of benefits for MSP, and one of them is extended security management. Once you are aligned with the experts, they make sure that your technical systems are safe and secure, as they bid up implementing several network security and threat-prevention services, which include anti-malware software, anti-virus., patching, system security, firewall, maintenance, as well as application compatibility software.

IT Support

Managed IT services are always at your service, providing you with the day-and-night IT support, which helps you in keeping your IT infrastructure constantly running. It serves as a crucial part of any IT services being offered to the customers that require instant contact support regarding the technical hassles round-the-clock in order to fix glitches that they face during their ongoing process.

Networking Infrastructure

The IT companies in Abu Dhabi helps you to set up the networks that help in running your IT infrastructure more efficiently. It is important for every organization to build on secure networking infrastructure, and the IT service providers are the ones for the job, helping you in building as well as managing your IT infrastructure at all times. It involves services like hardware or software setup, network security, mobile networking, data backup, managed cloud services, remote printing services, and many more.

Data Analytics

You know that data analytics is one of the most overwhelming things, which you can’t do on your own, thus the need for IT service provider strikes the maximum. The IT service providers offer you with the best data analytics services that will help you in investigating each and every ongoing process, how and in what way they are performing, helping you to make an informed decision for more accessible services that will help in strategically planning.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

This is the most important trait for every business, which can be efficiently provided by the managed IT service provider, in order to help you in running your organization even at the times of catastrophe. A reliable managed IT service provider will offer you with the backup and disaster recovery options that will help you in meeting your business objectives effectively.

On the Whole

Regardless of the vision of your organization, the need for an experienced and professional IT service provider is inevitable, especially for small business that is unable to have their own IT department. With the collaboration, you are provided with the much-needed IT support that will help your organization to run smoothly.

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Taking the Right Steps to Sustain the IT Infrastructure

From the last decade, we have seen that no operation is possible in an organization without the deployment of correct IT infrastructure. Irrespective of the type of business one runs, the technology plays a crucial role in fulfilling each and every need of a business process, whether it is to communicate with a client, store crucial information, data transfer, and many more, no operation is possible without IT. This is the reason it is important for every organization to take considerate steps on keeping its technical infrastructure upgraded.

IT support companies in Abu Dhabi provides you with all you need to run your entire infrastructure. If you are a start-up, looking to run a firm or a successful business wanting to upgrade your business infrastructure, you need assistance. A professional will help you out to line up the important resources that will aid in furnishing your entire technology structure so that you can efficiently run your business operations.

When we talk about IT needs it doesn’t only comprise of placing your system. You need to know that the IT infrastructure covers all substructure including cabling, data center, servers, network, systems, routers, and many more. So, it is important to let the professional help you out with the construction of your office infrastructure, as they know what devices or cables to use for a future-proof infrastructure.

Everyone wants to thrive, which makes it important to deal nationally and globally. So, for the organization that are in the development stage needs to take the next step for their technological drive, which means opting for IP PBX system in Abu Dhabi. This is a budding form of telecom infrastructure that runs over the internet, helping you to meet your organizational goals.

Technology is always changing, what you have heard today will not even exist tomorrow, so taking the control of the IT infrastructure in your own hand, without having any prior or forthcoming analyzing can put you and your business in jeopardy. When it comes to technological measures, it is always important to evaluate the thing that will stay, which only a technical expert can do.

Therefore, when you plan on upgrading or building the IT infrastructure, talking with a leading and reliable IT service providers is necessary, otherwise, you can suffer in long-run. Thus, making a considerate decision now will help you in succeeding in your business endeavors.


Cloud Solutions abu dhabi, IT Services, IT services in Abu Dhabi, managed IT services Abu Dhabi

Making the Best of Cloud with Data Warehouse in the Corporation

For any organization, the data warehouse is considered an essential part to perform their daily operations, which is why it is always considered to aggregate as well as integrate data from numerous foundations for scrutiny and decision-making. At present, as we see businesses evolving and the convolution of data increasing, you can see the way the organization continues to grow swiftly. Cloud solutions in Dubai, when established with the prominent data warehouses, show the way businesses emerge in context to the most operational way to warehouse a company’s data.

We have hashed up some reasons that explain the need for this transformative shift:

Increased Resistance

When it comes to the cloud-based data warehouse, the most perceptible benefit is the reduction of expenditures. The cloud-based model ominously pulls down intricacy and time-to-value. Preserving an internal cloud-based data warehouse is extremely expensive, though it is challenging to efficaciously accomplish an organization’s expanding data prerequisites.

With the help of a cloud-based data warehouse, it becomes an easy job for you to can accumulate precisely as much as you require, which directly helps you to expand and propel, it helps you to shrink down for the amount that you are paying to diminish costs.

Amplified Security

Organizations are progressively commencing to comprehend that the cloud-based data warehouse can be safer than the in-house systems that are used for the on-time precautionary measures, thus choosing a cloud-based model that is intended to use a resilient support system for data. Thus, it makes data encryption an inevitable process.

When the enterprise security is accurately assessed, then based on the data privacy needs, so running as well as preserving the information in the warehouse, which is secure in numerous respects.

Ease in Deployment

IT service providers in Abu Dhabi aids in providing enterprises with the finest cloud solutions. The data warehouses streamline the deployment of the cloud to a prodigious magnitude, as the IT infrastructure is primed in advance, which takes away the apprehension of the users regarding technical work, leading them to focus on running the business and other operations in the cloud.

For the traditional warehouses, it is important for the IT teams to evaluate everything in advance, calculating the storage power that is required in order to meet the longstanding requirements of the corporations.

Enriched Competences

When it comes to enriching the overall quality of the cloud-based data warehouse, it can be seen how amazing it is improved by procuring cloud-based operations. At present, business astuteness has become better, so it is seen that the way applications deliver quicker and shriller discernments into business progressions when it serves the availability that aids in enhancing performance.

With the help of a cloud-based solution, you can see the value of business increasing, as you know that data plays a significant role, so it is fundamentally driven by data as well as determined by the way it is used to run the business. So, shifting to the cloud is all in all integrated as a solitary solution.

On the whole

Today, we can see that several enterprises are pretentious by unproductivity consequently of obsolete architecture that aims in lacking the rapidity and dexterity of a competent cloud-based data warehouse solution. This is the reason, most of the organizations in Abu Dhabi are switching to this cloud-based solution in order to accomplish agility.

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