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Bluechip Gulf is an IT company based in Abu Dhabi, which was founded with a vision to help small to large businesses in the Middle East by using MSP technology to grow effectively, manage and protect IT Information Assets. Our team of experts dedicatedly assist you in maintaining your IT system and server. So, if you are worried about the time when your Server is down, it’s time to put aside your worries now with Bluechipgulf’s IT AMC Abu Dhabi services. Also, if you want to avail your online business around the clock, then maintenance of your server is essential. As if the server goes down, you’re existing, as well as potential customers, will not be able to find you, and that will result in a loss to your business. However, it is not possible for you to do it on your own as it will cost you much.

However, with Bluechip’s IT AMC Abu Dhabi can maintain your server without any hassle. We at Bluechipgulf, offer support and service contract to keep your business’ performance at peak. We first understand your need and then provide you with the best solution. We provide IT annual maintenance support contract services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE and the Middle East. We guarantee by availing this service; you can remain assured about your business’ IT system and network.

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Why Choose Bluechipgulf?

Bluechip is a leading IT company in Abu Dhabi, offering its services small to large businesses in different parts of the Middle East, which include Dubai, UAE, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi. We provide a complete IT solution to help you maintain your online business. We have an expert team of IT professionals who with their several years of experience will provide you pro-active and cost-effective IT support. At times server failure also causes network downtime which results in loss of money and a dent in the business. So, hiring an experienced IT company for comprehensive IT security, dedicated IT support and services is a must for smooth and efficient business operations.

We at Bluechip understand how crucial it is for any business to ensure foolproof network security and IT systems and network maintained at peak performance. That’s why our IT annual maintenance support contract (AMC) services facilitate enterprises to say goodbye to the server issues and network downtime problems. So, pay once and remain assured for a long time with our IT annual support contract services.

Why Bluechip is Best for IT AMC Services in Abu Dhabi

Bluechip Computer systems LLC  hold a premier spot in the digital world with more than two decades of experience in the IT sector. We aim to modernize our clients business by serving them with unrepeated IT solutions in a rampant and persistent way. We are on an urge to serve our clients in better ways and our Annual IT Maintenance Contracts to various organizations to make sure that we enable customer solutions irrespective of seasons and time. We work to attain unpredictable reforms in your IT infrastructure and our assistance is available as both as remote support and on-site support.

We take the complete responsibility of your sites and you can avail the service of our team of IT experts any time without further delays. Our team is ready to visit your proposed site even though it would be fine for us if you choose to talk with our representative over the phone or chat with them. We will take all the required measures from our side to reduce any system breakdowns or IT outrages of your computer. Bluechip Computer systems LLC are one such company that provides one of the best IT annual maintenance contracts in Abu Dhabi with tailor-made solutions to client’s software related concerns.

We deliver diverse solutions and services with our annual IT  maintenance contract, Abu Dhabi. Take your time to check out the below-mentioned services, which are a few among them.

  • Administration  of your assets and  IT infrastructure
  • Provide Better maintenance and management  through on-site visits
  • Enable remote solutions with fast response time and  a friendly 24/7 availability 
  • Round the clock support at times of abrupt IT outrages and breakdowns 
  • A complete solution for proper IT supports management, advancement, and  maintenance of your firm 
  • Better IT compliance management
  • Support model management as well as maintenance – VM, SaaS Cloud, etc.

We understand the individuality of each organization who approach us. We believe in the uniqueness that your firm posses and the necessity of a customized solution for you. We don’t use the same client strategy for everyone as each of our clients are special to us.

We treasure you as well as your dreams and it’s our assurance that we will work on your project by giving individual attention to it. There is a value for your trust and Bluechip Computer systems LLC is willing to be that trusty partner.

We await you with an open heart and open arms !! Let’s join Bluechip Computer systems LLC family, and outsource your IT solutions systematically through us.

Benefits of IT Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Service:

  • You can focus on your core business.
  • Your users, desktops, servers and other devices can avail complete IT infrastructure support.
  • This service will save your cost without compromising on quality.
  • You can enhance your business by using appropriate software tools.
  • You can pick from a long list of tasks that we carry out during ASC tenure.

Our IT AMC Abu Dhabi Contract covers the following:

Our Annual Service Contract covers the following:

  • Round the clock 24×7 server monitoring and support
  • Onsite visit by our qualified engineers
  • Instance-based call‐out support
  • Unlimited remote help desk support
  • Regular preventive maintenance
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Monthly reports and executive dashboard summary
  • Periodic IT assessment
  • Workstation Monitoring
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