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Being one of the leading formal cabling products distributors in Abu Dhabi, we understand every business domain needs superb quality structured cabling and fiber cables for smooth and effective business communications. Wiring needs to be well-planned and accurately installed. We are proud that we provide you with long lasting CAT6 cabling solutions that would empower your business while remaining cost-effective. The critical part of our services is to provide a system in which your business processes depends that is structured cabling. If you have good quality structured cabling installed in your business premises, you will quickly achieve good productivity. A vast amount of companies have shifted their focus from wiring to PABX. Then they focus only on the revenue at the forefront.We always maintained the same level of concentration on all the products it caters to and especially with VOICE & DATA as the mainstay of communication needs them. If you also want to take your business to the next level then reach out to one of the premier structured cabling distributors in Abu Dhabi that provides comprehensive, structured cabling solution products for quality service and long-lasting network stability. We have always seen as one of the most reputed formal cabling dealers in UAE. Our primary goal is to become the leading precise cabling products distributor in Abu Dhabi & provide top quality CAT 6 Cables, CAT6 Patch Panels, Fiber Patch Cords, Media Converters, and RG59 Coaxial Cables which help businesses manage all their communication needs robustly and efficiently.

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Wiring for Entire Buildings: We design a complete end-to-end formal cabling system and supply structured cabling materials. Also, we do installation, termination, testing and certification of Fiber Optic, Category 5E, and 6 Data-LAN/WAN Network Connectivity Infrastructure. We also do wall-mounting and freestanding Cabinets and Racks.

Wireless Infrastructure: We ensure the installations are thoroughly tested upon completion to assure all cables meet the standards and test result documents provided by the client. GTFS also offer cable testing and certification service for existing cabling infrastructure. Also, we ensure that the cabling system design, components, and artistry comply with the standards and practices of BICSI. The Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual, the EIA/TIA Telecommunications Building Wiring Standard, The National Fire Protection Association and the National Electrical Code (NFPA-70) elaborate on these standards and practices.New Office Cabling: Our experienced team in Structured Cabling projects for small and large offices leads us to cover a single office or a complete floor.

Re-Cabling Of an Existing Office: As an office grows, the structured cabling also needs some changes, we assist you in redesigning the cable routes to add additional points with the least disruption to your work and your premises.
Site Porta Cabins / Temporary Site Offices: We are heavily involved in the construction industry and has massive experience in structured cabling for Site Porta Cabins and temporary office facilities for the construction industry.

Event IT Cabling: IT Services and structured cabling for Events is a different type of project compared to other installations. The event industry does not have the long project timelines. That’s why the installation of the Structured Cabling must be on time, quick, and efficient. There is no area for failure, and everything must be all right! We have sufficient experience in the Event industry working with the top names and brands.

It might seem trivial but good cabling is what that gives you insanely fast data rates and longevity in connections. It is the life source of your IT network and when done correctly, promises a long life cycle and a healthy network that stays up and running. Bluechip can meticulously wire your intricate connections to make sure your internet is always blazing fast and your system stable and online. Whether you are setting up a new office or relocating your business, we are a phone call away to manage the wiring and give you a hassle-free experience that is fast and unparalleled. Structured cabling proves to be a vital aspect of the communication system of a company. BlueChip Gulf LLC understands the complexity behind the meticulous planning and installation that goes in to perfect the cabling process – which is why we offer our undivided expertise to our clients. At BlueChip Gulf, Abu Dhabi, we provide our clients with our commitment and passion to configure, maintain and improve their telecommunications infrastructure every single day, no matter how complicated, how intricate, and how labyrinthine!

The success of your organization depends on the quality of your internal communication network!
Which is why you require a strong, scalable and a flexible network solutions. It is need to keep your organization and your employees happy, satisfied, and productive round the clock. It is required to keep all of your departments connected closely.

Maximise your potential with us!
Our structured cabling services are meticulously designed to help you meet your maximum potential. You can reach out to us to get started, no matter what aspect or situation you are currently at – a single data centre or multiple data centres. We form strategic alliances with you to deliver you with exceptional, speedy and valuable networking solutions, round the clock.

Our services pass the following certified stages –

  • Planning and designing your meticulous cabling structure
  • Assembling and installing your cabling and networking systems
  • Configuring and improving your whole system and setup
  • Constantly striving to maintain the system.

We help you with the following structured cabling services –

  • Design consultation
  • Consultation and selection of technology, cabling and networking
  • Managing your project and communications
  • Corporate procurement
  • Managing your logistics
  • Global networking solutions
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