Managed Storage

managed storage

What is managed storage?

Managed storage administrations can assist you with guaranteeing that your information is accessible whenever, anyplace. It is an ideal answer for dynamic organizations or those with a broadly circulated workforce that requirements to get their information from numerous areas or in an assortment of time regions. Cloud storage is likewise a kind of overseen stockpiling. It seems like you can’t be in IT these days without examining a cloud technique.

Managing data is, of course, a labor-intensive and supposedly hard project, an undertaking that can prove to be a backache and a headache for most organizations, especially when it comes to full-fledged data storage management and archiving. Bluechip Gulf in Abu Dhabi offers you custom Manage Storage solutions to optimally enhance your organization’s data security, protection, and backing up, irrespective of the scale of your business and the complexities involved.

Advantages of Using a Managed Storage Service:-

Managed capacity can diminish capital costs related to purchasing and administrating storage frameworks. This is viewed as a potential gain of overseen stockpiling, as organizations can just request more capacity limits or administrations on a case-by-case basis, rather than buying new equipment and programming.

Reliability:- Disregard personal time. Find a managed storage supplier that has a shortcoming lenient plan and conveys more noteworthy than 99.9 percent accessibility. To process, store, and dissect monstrous measures of information, your tasks request a lightning-quick, profoundly dependable IT foundation.

Scalability and Flexibility:- A managed storage specialist upholds an association’s development procedure. Assuming that a serious level of storage is required, that sounds effectively accessible and monetarily proficient. An oversaw information capacity administration scales with your business and gives the adaptability to develop and grow or cut back on a case-by-case basis.

Increase Performance:- Higher execution managed capacity is intended for moving a lot of information around an organization. This is particularly important for getting around enormous amounts of complicated information across the organization. Assuming you are an association that possesses more than one office or branch, then superior execution managed capacity is basic to the everyday activity of your business.

Security:-Agreeable managed storage administrations and working cycles smooth the way to more prominent dependability and quality away administration. This limits gambles and expands security, which is especially huge given the overall awareness of client information and the extraordinary significance of safeguarding secret business data.

Our Services.

When you partner with BlueChip Gulf on a journey to manage your storage better, you get the forefront to anchorage our diverse practices in your favor to ensure efficient disaster recovery solutions and critical business growth. Our wide spectrum of services merged with our expertise allows us to be flexible and scalable with our solutions as per your requirements

Better storage management provides a thriving ground for significant business growth.

Our smart solutions Include:-

  • Web servers for data storage.
  • Separate storage management for media information.
  • Data archiving for optimal utilization of your memory space.
  • Creation and management of the database.
  • Cloud storage solutions.
  • Performance monitoring, management & tuning.
  • Capacity planning to support budgeting & acquisition efforts.

At Bluechip we offer you cost-effective solutions in Abu Dhabi to manage and store your data through simplified, smart solutions. We protect your internal information and data from meeting any kind of future disaster and allow your organizational costs to lower. Contact us, our IT specialists will help you.