An Enterprise Storage System (ESS) is a centralized data storage system for businesses. It connects to other computer systems to provide a shared resource for data exchange, administration, and protection.

Enterprise storage systems are built to handle large amounts of business-critical data. As a result, they should be scalable for workloads of up to 300 terabytes without the need for extra cabling or subsystems. They should also presume unrestricted connection and support the various platforms in use.

An enterprise storage system, rather than employing dispersed storage, makes use of the capabilities of a storage area network (SAN). The following are some of the advantages of a SAN-based system:

  • Availability is high.
  • Backup and catastrophe recovery that you can rely on
  • Data sharing made simple
  • Remote assistance with centralized administration

The SAN divides all data into numerous pathways, ensuring that the failure of a single server does not result in the loss of essential data.

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