IT Audit & Health Check

IT Audit & Health Check

Knowing your organization’s IT requirements is the foremost step that should be take in order to establish equilibrium of things you need to accomplish and the current state of things. It Audit and health check therefore becomes an integral part of your organization. IT Audit and Healthcheck will provide you with the necessary information required to assess the shape and condition of your network. The process provides you with a detailed report on your network position and its future recommendations. With BlueChip Gulf LLC, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you would never have to worry about any form of hindrances blocking your success. Our specialists will help you out in the following manner –

  • We will perform PC and Server tests
  • We will manage and redefine Security, softwares and antiviruses to accommodate your needs
  • We will provide you with backups – local and offsite, both
  • We will assist you in filtering your internet security and web content
  • We will provide you with software, OS and windows updates
  • We will manage and improve your server and internet performance
  • We will manage the necessary staff permissions as per your desires

IT infrastructure is an integral structure, a substantial pillar for your business, which is why for making effective corporate decisions, realising your IT systems and needs is important – not only for meeting your current needs, but also to realise your future potential.

Benefits of Our Services

  • A comprehensive insight into your hardware and software infrastructure
  • A detailed report of softwares installed and managed
  • Savings on your overhead costs
  • Peace of mind
  • A faster and easily comprehensible IT management process
  • Managed of software and application licenses
  • Lucid compliance management

BlueChip Gulf’s IT Consultants are specialists in what we do. We are straightforward, unambiguous and expertly brilliant in our services and solutions. Contact us today!

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