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We know how stressful it can be when you are relocating your office space to a completely new place. Not only do you have to face the brunt of relocating your furniture, your employees, your documents, and your sacred workspace; but you also have to face the brunt of getting your Cabling System, your servers, your cloud storage, and other IT infrastructure relocated to a new location.

It is hefty – all the moving, relocating, dismantling, and reassembling.

This is why you call the experts!

We offer our clients secure IT Relocation solutions. We pay utmost attention to confidentiality and quality.

As a leading name in IT Support services, we address and redress all kinds of IT support in Abu Dhabi, to allow our clients to live in peace so they can realize their organizational goals.

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Be it specific technological relocation or be it the physical relocation of the entire office, we are specialists in all kinds of IT Operations. We work in rigorously with organizations and individual clients and equip them with our expertise to provide them with our eloquent IT Support services 24/7.

Our IT Support in Abu Dhabi is available at all times, unrelentingly!

  • Dismantling IT infrastructure from your old location
  • Drafting out plans for the installation of VSS and ACS
  • Drafting out plans for the installation of VSS and ACS
  • Transferring your IT Services to Cloud
  • Tagging and documenting your IT infrastructure
  • Upgrading and maintaining IT Equipment and infrastructure
  • Auditing the current IT system
  • Transferring IT Infrastructure meticulously
  • Drafting and designing SCS in your new location
  • Providing Internet Service Provider Services

As IT Company Abu DhabiBluechip Gulf, we are tenaciously committed to providing you with utmost appeasement in all our endeavors.

Since our incorporation, we have been providing all our clients with easy solutions to complex IT problems. From Infrastructure setup to IT Relocation, we do it all!

We are your trusted IT Services and support providers. Our bespoke services are available at your disposal throughout the day – before, during, or after!

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