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Not making continuous backups of critical information is like running a business that’s a ticking time bomb. It is pertinent for companies to choose the best data storage plans to keep their employee records, documents and other logistics safe and copied to be accessed later in case of inopportune data loss. Bluechip can take care of all that and more by providing added security so that your work will never be compromised.You have always been on your toes to make sure you set up your business well and satisfy your client base well. You have geared up your work with necessary cloud and other IT solutions. You are all set to conquer the world. But wait! Do you have proper storage solutions?You must be thinking, what is the exact need for a proper solution to data storage? Why is it so necessary?It’s more important than you think! It’s the spinal cord which holds your internal IT operations together.More and more businesses are generating and storing more and more data every single day. The data is not just stored but analyzed as well before storage solutions. The amount of data stored is directly proportional to the mushrooming growth of businesses. This is why you do need proper implementation of data storage solutions.

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And who do you need as experts for all your data storage needs? Us!

Yes, at Bluechip, we are data storage experts. We help you get maximum value out of us, out of our data storage service, in accordance with the best industry practices. We are leading data storage experts who are focusing on creating infrastructural solutions to leverage your business operations. At the same, we vow to provide greater means of accessibility and capabilities to make sure you move forward effectively.We have great experience in all kinds of storage solutions and other database technologies. We invest our time and make sure you get the best of industry practices by the help of our broad range of certifications and professionality . With us, you don’t ever have to worry about handing out your confidential data in the wrong hands. We are always the right ones.

Our data storage solutions include the following

  • Backing up your data consistently and providing snapshot solutions for the right way to recover, secure and speed up your data needs.
  • Hosted and cloud based storage solutions to make sure your data is accessible at all times in a reliable source which is also scalable and cost-effective.
  • Email archiving as per industry practices to deliver you a simple way to manage your work
  • Automated backup solutions to make your work more and more flexible and accessible.
  • SSD storage which delivers speedy data storage.
    Conventional modes of data storage (Drives, RAID and others)
    Network-attached solutions to secure your data for better and speedy recovery

Information overload is a serious problem in most workplaces today! Emails, documents, files and documents, other databases, anything can explode your storage devices and make it difficult for you to function properly. It should not take you too long to realize that it’s important to seek help for all your storage needs.Storing your data properly and managing it with zeal leaves you with more room to strategize your growth meticulously. You are not just protecting your business but also safeguarding yourself from future legal compliances.

You are important for us. Restore and secure your business integrity today with our data storage system solutions.

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