Server and Network Monitoring

Server and network monitoring

Server and Network Monitoring Services

Bluechip offers 24/7 server and network monitoring services, with special expertise in monitoring small corporate servers, and private and terminal servers. We utilize our surveillance trappings and software to measure crucial parameters on your business’s core servers. The software vigilantly scans your network for threats and triggers off alarms if there is a problem which is then reported directly to our engineers, who ensure rapid response to protect your business stability. The technical world of IT needs server management systems and do you know what it takes to manage those huge applications? Do you know how the security of servers is guaranteed? IT world is dead without proper management of servers because servers need a cooling system that may help them to function properly. This tends us to think about the term Network Monitoring. It helps to monitor a computer network by notifying the network administrator about the failure of systems via emails or alarms. Network Monitoring not only helps to monitor the computer network but also helps to monitor the performance of a given network.

Benefits of Server and Network Monitoring with Us:-

Prevents outages of IT:-

In the IT field human errors, issues due to configuration, etc are some of the basic outages and Network Monitoring helps to prevent these outages. Many IT outages may tend to cause bottlenecks, Network Planning and Design helps to identify these outages as well as shows you the performance of the network that is easier to read.

Issues can be fixed faster by Network Monitoring:-

The best part of Server and network monitoring is that solves problems in an easy way. This makes the process faster for network professionals. Whether it is an error in configuration or an intense traffic fluctuation, Network Monitoring helps to fix the issues for a lifetime. How does it work? The origin of the problem is mapped by ‘live network’ and the performance is mapped by ‘status windows’. Not only this, Network automation tools helped to fix the network problems automatically.

Immediate ROI is what you get:-

The tedious process of troubleshooting can be easily solved through a Network Monitoring system. It is noted that generally IT teams deal with more complex projects and need more staff to complete them. Thus, the need of the hour is a network monitoring tool that can help to achieve immediate ROI.

Helps in the Management of growing network:-

The IT world is no doubt growing in size and the number of Internet-connected things is growing unexpectedly. These things may be anything consumer related or business-related. The growing complexity of networks increases the need for flexibility as well as reliable tools to monitor them to ensure the best performance.

Automated increase in security:-

Network Monitoring is a way to secure your business data. The best thing about the Server and Network Monitoring tool is that it helps you to identify what a perfect performance of an organization should look like. It increases the security level by figuring out the device in which the event occurred. Bluechip helps you to choose the right tool so that your organization works well. We help you to set up the best network monitoring software for your guaranteed long-term success. With Bluechip you will have the right network monitoring tool which will help you to track network installation and troubleshooting issues in an efficient way.

What do we mean by a ‘Network’ in this context?

A “network” may mean any internal network like a LAN or an external network like the Internet. You definitely need a solution for monitoring the network of your organization if it includes LAN or WAN. This would help to secure the information of your organization. Network Monitoring helps to detect the performance issues of any Network used by your organization in real-time. Thus, it also ensures possible network issues in the future.

Bluechip Gulf provides full service of server and network monitoring for all kinds of organizations and for all kinds of needs in Abu Dhabi. We provide Basic Local Area networks (LAN), intricate and sophisticated Wide Area networks (WAN), Virtual Private networks (VPN), Wireless networks, and Hosted networks. Our services do not simply end by installing appropriate networking solutions in your organization.