Vulnerability Assessment

vulnerability assessment

Determining dangers and weaknesses in PC organizations, equipment, applications, frameworks, and different parts of the IT environment is referred to as vulnerability assessment. Security units and different partners can look at and figure out dangers for possible remediation in the right setting by utilizing the information from vulnerability. To defend frameworks and information from unsanctioned access and information infringement, weakness evaluations are a significant piece of the IT risk to the board and the weakness of the executive’s lifecycles. To find dangers and shortcomings inside an association’s IT framework that demonstrate expected weaknesses or chance openings, weakness evaluations frequently utilize apparatuses like weakness scanners.

Proper implementation of vulnerability assessment leads to almost negligible data and security breaches in the long run.


Bluechip Gulf, a leading IT services provider in Dubai and Abu Dhabi houses a team of IT specialists who are qualified and extremely knowledgeable in data security and vulnerability management practices. As a team, we are always ready to enhance and improve your current IT infrastructure and network to help you achieve your business goals.

Kinds Of Vulnerability Assessments.

Various types of framework or organization vulnerabilities are found by vulnerability assessments. This implies that the scope of devices, scanners, and systems are utilized during the evaluation interaction to track down weaknesses, dangers, and perils. Coming up next are a couple of examples of the different vulnerability assessment examines:
To find potential organization security assaults, network-based examines are used. On wired or remote organizations, defenseless frameworks can likewise be tracked down utilizing this sort of search.

  • Workstations, servers, and other organization hosts can have vulnerabilities that can be found and recognized by means of host-based checks. The administrations and ports that may likewise be visual to organize based checks are normally analyzed by this sort of sweep. The game plan settings and the fixed order of examined frameworks, particularly legacy frameworks, are more apparent thanks to this innovation. 
  • Remote Technical Support sweeps of an organization’s Wi-Fi networks ordinarily focus on possible locales of assault in the framework of the remote organization. Remote organization examination can affirm that a business organization is securely planned as well as find maverick passages.
  • Data set outputs can find openings in a data set that can be utilized to stop malevolent assaults like SQL infusion assaults.



Unrelenting measures by Bluechip Gulf.

Our team of IT specialists undertakes unrelenting measures to negate all the network complexities and vulnerabilities that are and will threaten the integrity of your business. Our approach shields your networks and servers to preserve your internal as well as external systems. Vulnerability assessment involves the implementation of certain strong tools, some of which are:-

  • Testing networks, servers, and software.
  • Testing and modifying hardware for better protection.
  • Analyzing logins, security strength, and password chains.
  • System log analysis.

Vulnerability assessment is the basis of your steady growth. At Bluechip Gulf we are comprehensively involved in preparing a detailed report on your systems and their risks and vulnerabilities to help you fill the missing gaps that are stopping you from achieving success.

An unwanted, maligned network and server intrusion can stop your long-term growth. Don’t let it happen. Call us, we are happy to help you!