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Revolutionizing your Industry with Managed IT Services

Your organization not only needs your insights but also requires the correct resources in order to propel. Without the right IT infrastructure, you cannot achieve the sound working of your business, as you need the complete technical environment for sharing, transferring, as well as meeting your business objective in successfully. The managed IT service providers offer you a comprehensive range of technical services.

IT experts provide your company, which is ensured to help you with all the avant-garde and latest tools as technologies that help you in meeting your business ends. As an organization you might face several technical difficulties that needs real-time action, helping you to resolve any problems related to your servers, workstations, network, data centre, and other IT devices so that you can continue your daily operations.

An in-house team is good, but it can be an expensive investment, especially for small organizations, so managed IT team servers as one of the greatest investments in terms of cost-effectiveness. With the help of them, you can hunt down two birds with one arrow, which means you can trim down the cost that is involved in building the IT infrastructure, as well as you can gain the best services offered by the leading experts, without any initial investment of team or IT devices.

A number of managed service providers deliver services according to an annual or monthly subscription model, which helps the businesses to precisely select the plan that can help them in meeting their business goals. Moreover, based on the service providers, the prices can vary, still, they will be budget-friendly depending on the organization’s requirements.

Once you start with the managed IT service provider in Abu Dhabi, you will know how easy it is to get work done without even stressing over the technical problems, as well as retaining your focus on business growth. With the correct IT support, you can easily allocate you valuable resources to the right team and know how it evidently matters and facilitates your core processes.

With the managed IT services in Abu Dhabi, you can see how your organization grows, you can see a very slim chance of any technical glitches or interruptions, as any error will be resolved within time. Moreover, the IT team helps in taking all the precautionary measures so that you won’t become a victim of any cybercrime. With the IT requirements properly being handled, you can see that your staff retains their focus on their crucial roles and duties shorn of any interruptions.

Data backup
IT Services, IT services in Abu Dhabi, Outsourcing Companies in Abu Dhabi, Service

Making Most of Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategy

If you have faced any sort of technical interruption in your working environment, you know how bad it gets for the operations as well as revenue. You can never anticipate what disaster might strike, so it is important for you to always be prepared. Well, this does not keep us thinking of why cloud solutions in Abu Dhabi have become the most popular thing.

After all, you cannot compromise with your business data, it can be lost swiftly, which can cost you everything.

Looking at the business environment today, we can see that a number of small businesses use confined hardware solutions to store their data, which can be vulnerable to certain disasters that can lead you to significant data loss.

The momentous cause of data loss is deliberated as accidental deletion, user error, software corruption, or system crash. These are unintended slipups that can occur anywhere and to anyone, but we have seen professionals doing their best to avoid this.

Employing the latest cloud backup and data recovery measures to your business environment can help you to eradicate any downtime with sudden data loss. We have beefed up some advantages that will help you to understand this in a much better way.

Easily Accessible

With your data saved to the cloud, you can access it anytime and anywhere with your internet connection, regardless of the device you are using. In addition to this, you get the authority to provide your employees with different levels of access to the cloud setup, helping you to increase the safety of your business data and decrease any chances of glitches and inconvenience.

Better Efficiency

Having reliable cloud solution providers and data backup in Abu Dhabi will help you to achieve on-time data recovery and restoration. They use avant-garde tools with the help of the latest innovations to provide you with the best and refined solutions. By outsourcing these services, you can achieve updated software, maintenance, as well as access to other technologies, helping you to enhance your business productivity.

Inclusive Security

With the help of cloud solutions, you can ensure data security, as these third-party service providers use all the latest network security platforms to keep your data safe and secure. The most trusted companies use data centers from the authorized corporations, housed on several 24 hours of power grids and armed security devices as well as manpower. Some of the service providers use military-level data encryption in order to provide you with enhanced security measures.

Refined Convenience

Data backup makes things easy and effortless for you and your workforce, where you no longer have the headache of hiring a team of people to look after your data backup infrastructure. Cloud backup usually comprises of a browser window, which helps in managing your complete data. Moreover, a cloud solution is an economical solution, where you do not have to invest a large amount of money, just monthly fees that will help you to take benefit of the comprehensive services.

All in All

Cloud solutions in Abu Dhabi have been helping the industries to enjoy all the extensive data accessing services. With the help of cloud backup solutions, you get to store your data in a special facility, where it is guarded and protected from any outside entity. Opting for the cloud backup and disaster recovery services will help you to scale your business in a significant manner while increasing productivity and revenue.

Managed IT Services in Abu Dhabi
managed IT services Abu Dhabi, Service

Managed IT Services in Abu Dhabi-Bluechip Gulf Abu Dhabi

The bluechip gulf is the best and reliable Managed IT Services in Abu Dhabi that satisfies everything IT prerequisites. We help organizations to make advanced through our valued managed IT benefits as far as to help and cost both. We have a verified reputation of gathering our client’s business need totally. We give day in and day out help benefits that can profit your business for any kind of Managed IT Services in Abu Dhabi.

We have a committed group of IT professionals involved with a 100% fulfillment ensure to our clients. We do our best to put a smile on our client’s face with our best and reasonable Managed IT Services in Abu Dhabi. We comprehend that vacation is excessive to your business in this way, our specialists dependably attempt to fix every one of the issues ASAP. We handle your IT in this way, you can concentrate on your business.

As a team of IT specialists, we give a push to your IT needs. Our flexible team of professionals helps you to concentrate on your core business as opposed to taking care of your IT activity every day. We convey our client’s substantial and quantifiable advantages. We are famous to provide savvy, effective, and creative Managed IT Services in Abu Dhabi. Our IT services totally suit your business needs and qualification.

Our IT services help the business to save money to reduce your IT overhead cost. Our managed IT experts give a practical, independent, and adaptable services that your organization requires. We enable you to exploit our most recent innovation with our certified gathering of specialists. We additionally ensure you never break down your IT infrastructure anytime with the goal that you will never confront any issue during your working hours.

So, what are you looking for? Simply upgrade your business with advance and effectively managed IT services in Abu Dhabi. Get in touch with us today for the best IT arrangements in Abu Dhabi!!

IT Security Service Provider
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IT Security Service Provider

We offer below IT Security Services

  • VA/PT (Penetration Testing)
  • Network Compromise Assessment
  • Email Spoofing Analysis & Protection
  • Digital Forensics (Incident Response)
  • Online Reputation Management
  • SOC as a Service (SIEM, Vulnerability Assessment, Intrusion Detection)
  • Certification/Compliance – ISO 2700X, NESA, ADSIC, PCI DSS, GDPR
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Cyber Threat Hunting


Cloud Service Providers in UAE
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Cloud Service Providers in UAE

We, Bluechip Gulf is one of the top cloud service providers in UAE offers cost-effective network services, infrastructure, Cloud solution and many more IT security & solution services for companies and individuals.

The main benefit of using cloud services is efficiency in your workplace. We always offer genuine, dedicated and affordable cloud-based solutions in Abu Dhabi. Our Cloud Based IT Services Include:

  • Cost Effective Cloud-based Solution
  • Elimination of harmful Threats & Viruses
  • Disaster Recovery Solution
  • Remote and On-Site Solution
  • Enhance your workplace Productivity.

Our experts have handled 1000+ businesses with a proven track record of 100% success rate. We handle all kind of IT complexities in terms of business with the least possible time. You and your organization will definitely benefit from our best and budget-friendly cloud services. We are Specialized in below cloud services—

  • Email solution on cloud- we are partner with Microsoft office 365, Amazon web services, G-suite. we are having dedicated professional to deploy the above cloud email solution & provide training for the same.
  • Cloud Storage, servers & backup- Being partner with Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Google. Veeam, Acronis backup we have certified and specialized team for the same in order to design any kind of solution for on cloud storage, hybrid server solution, Virtual private server, creating DR (disaster recovery site) by using software like Acronis, Veeam, Symantec .
  • We are providing Training for the cloud to the corporates to make them know how about the cloud features about different cloud service providers

Our certified professional team always best to handle all IT operations smoothly and effectively. Our first priority is always our clients. We are available for all size of organizations- small, medium or large with several years of experience.

Our cloud services provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee with no hidden payment. Our clients must be guaranteed that their information will be secure and that the server farm where the applications or administrations meet the certain requirements.

We help you to review your business performance and overall functionality. We will continuously check that your cloud solution is working properly or not. Our every service is designed by keeping complete security in our mind that is important for your secure business.

So, what are you waiting for just meet our experts for complete cloud solutions and services in Abu Dhabi.

SOC as a Service – Bluechip Gulf

SOC as a Service – Bluechip Gulf

Cost effective Managed Security Services offering with 24X7 monitoring response. SoC as a Service provides customers with SIEM, Incident Response & Forensics without having to invest into any of these tools.

SMART 365  

  • Secure :- Constant & comprehensive cyber-security
  • Monitor :- Efficient & reliable threat monitoring & detection
  • Alert :- Prompt and precise Threat reports
  • Respond :- Timely Response to incidents
  • Troubleshoot :- Triage, investigate & report


  • SIEM
  • Incident Response
  • Forensics
3D Security Awareness Training

3D Security Awareness Training Services in Abu Dhabi

  • Information Security Awareness training programs using the power of 3D & Digital Multimedia
  • Modules Covered
  • Information Security – Virtual Learning Experience
  • Data Security – Micro Virtual Learning
  • Email Security – Micro Virtual Learning
  • Fraud Risk Management – Virtual Learning Experience
  • Internet Security – Micro Virtual Learning
  • Mobile Device Security – Micro Virtual Learning
  • Removable Media Usage – Micro Virtual Learning
  • SMiShing – Micro Virtual Learning
  • Information Security Training
  • Operational Risk Awareness Program
  • Wi-Fi Security – Micro Virtual Learning
  • Workspace Security – Micro Virtual Learning
  • Anti-Money Laundering Awareness Training
  • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Training
  • Business Continuity Management Training
  • Code of Conduct Training
  • Fraud Risk Management Awareness Training
  • PCI DSS Advanced
Patch Management Services in Abu Dhabi
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Xploit Resilience – Patch Management Services in Abu Dhabi

  • Automated Patch & Software Asset Management
  • Automatic deployment/re-deployment of 3rd party patches
  • Silent 3rd party software installation on-the-fly
  • Covers both feature and security patches
  • Ability to delay, version manage and rollback any update
  • Un-installation of software supported
  • Scheduling of updates according to PC clock
  • Covers any Microsoft update – critical, normal or optional
  • Ability to suppress and postpone Microsoft updates
  • Ability to set reboot intervals and to force reboots
  • See ANY software assets in inventory and their version and installed volume
  • Create inventory reports for reporting or compliance purposes
  • Once the inventory is established (within 30 seconds) you can:
  • Update or downgrade the software or operating system you want
  • Un-install a supported software you want to target
  • Install the selected software to more or all your systems
  • Allow users to install listed software themselves
  • Deploy custom software to the endpoints, anywhere in the world
  • Set the time you want to do updates
Antivirus + Ransomware Protection in Abu Dhabi
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Antivirus + Ransomware Protection in Abu Dhabi

  • Developed by the team that came first in DEFCON World Hacking competition for 2 consecutive years.
  • Winner of Anti Malware Solution of the Year at Computing Security Awards 2018
  • Heimdal Thor Vigilance (Antivirus)
  • Antivirus with Signature, Code and Behavior scanning
  • Detect and Remediate Viruses, Trojans, APT, Data leaks & other 2nd generation malware
  • Heimdal Thor Foresight (Ransomware protection)
  • Most effective and affordable ransomware protection solution available
  • Windows & 3rd party patching
  • Traffic based Malware Prevention
  • Protection from APT’s & Trojans that traditional Antivirus solutions fail to detect
IT Solutions Abu Dhabi
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IT Solutions Company in Abu Dhabi

Bluechip gulf offers a full range of IT services to support your business infrastructure and your valuable time. Our team of IT experts will monitor, manage and maintain your IT environment completely. Our IT Solutions services include:

  • Cyber Threat Protection
  • Solving Network related Issues
  • Complete protection of your organizational data
  • Backup and Data recovery
  • Office 365 migration and support etc.

Our wide range of IT Solution services takes your business to the next level of success. We convert your challenges into solutions or you can say we are one stop solution of all your IT needs. We allow you to take advantage of our latest technologies with our pocket-friendly price. Our experts smoothly protect your company infrastructure by saving your time and money both. We help you throughout your whole business to maintain smooth operations. We will keep track of your hardware and software assets both.

Our solutions are designed to keep in mind your organization type. Our IT solution services help you throughout your whole business. Our services are best suited for your business needs. Our quality services make lifelong customers with 100% satisfaction. We add great value to your IT infrastructure. We guarantee 99% up-time to protect your business data.

If you are looking for a solution that helps and manage your IT infrastructure completely let us know. We are available 24/7 to ensure you best IT solutions services in Abu Dhabi.

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