New Office IT Setup and Relocation

Office IT Setup and Relocation Services

Allow BlueChip Gulf Assist You!

We plan and assist you in your new endeavors of moving your office IT equipment and infrastructure. We deal with all the complex assemblage that is your IT room – all the equipment, all the data and software, all the cables, and everything there is, a part of the famous IT department in your office! At BlueChip Gulf, we specialize in providing you with the right fusion of expertise and assistance to make sure your office move is a great success! Venturing into a new direction, and opening your office in a new location is one of the most major tasks you will ever take! It is nothing less than a celebratory moment in your organization’s life. What comes along with this move is moving your IT infrastructure and equipment – which is no less! The most vital aspect of your business – IT infrastructure – needs professional help when moving. You could drive yourself insane trying to do it all alone.


We supplement you with the following Office IT setup and relocation services –


  1. Arranging, de-arranging, layout, and planning, as per the needs of your new office location.

Audio and Video

  1. AV systems and infrastructure for your conference rooms, including music and microphone systems.


  1. Meeting and arranging all surveillance requirements and managing all your control systems.

ISP and telephone services

  1. Moving your current telephone numbers and equipment, along with managing and arranging old and new phone lines.
  2. Moving your IP Address and providing you with exceptional ISP.
  3. Managing your data and voice infrastructure for your new office location

Phone system

  1. Setting up new phone systems/upgrading the old ones

Cloud storage and emails

  1. Saving and backing up all your data
  2. Computing storage needs and managing all your important documents, along with email conversations.

IT Servers

  1. Ensuring no loss of servers at the new location
  2. Reprogramming firewall
  3. Updating DNS servers


  1. Managing computer workstations and setting them in your new location
  2. Testing their connectivity to ISP and DNS servers

Why Choose BlueChip Gulf for your Office IT setup and Relocation Needs?

  • Professional expertise in migrating and setting up IT equipment and infrastructure
  • Customized solutions for every organization and client
  • Services on a turn-key basis

Experience office IT setup and relocation in a revolutionary manner! Contact us, and allow us to serve you.