IT Annual Maintenance Contract in Abu Dhabi

IT Annual Maintenance Contract

IT Annual Maintenance Contract.

An IT annual maintenance contract is a contract between you and the service provider for the repair and maintenance of property held by your enterprise. Any property owned by your venture can stand serviced, from the high-production tools that make your products to the computers and printers in your workplaces. Service to the infrastructure, the land, the parking space, and other spots can even stand comprised. To make sure the quality of products and methods, a company that cares about enhancing regular functions must hold an IT AMC.

For maximum ventures, IT support is no longer only performing a supporting part – this now actually strengthens the venture. In order to be successfully utilized as an enabler for the venture, development requires the appropriate quality of IT AMC. In regards to quality and focus on information, we take pride in standing out from the several other IT support providers in Abu Dhabi. We work hard to give top-quality IT support at very competitive costs.

Advantages of IT Annual Maintenance Contract:-

With an IT annual maintenance contract, a business is protected, beneficial, and trusted. This comprises daily supervision of the web, servers, structure, data center, and spare portions of the gadgets in case needed. This is a strong hone from small to large-sized ventures that rapidly give standardized maintenance services. Moreover, these edges, there are other merits of getting the annual maintenance contract support are as:-

1. This is Cost-effective.

IT annual maintenance contract supports are capital savers. Furthermore, this saves so much time and struggle. Through this contract, you can form the software and hardware secured at a minimal price for the long run. Besides, this is also more affordable than appointing somebody to manage the tools on a complete-time basis. Hence, several people think about AMCs as the finest resolution because it doesn’t need anybody to supervise the tools and technological factors.     

Cost Effective

2. 24/7 Function. 

A person getting the services falling under the terms of AMC can undertake guidance and support anytime.

3. Well Maintenance of the Gadgets.

Through an IT annual maintenance contract, a corporation can sustain all the gadgets well-formed and completely operational. It forms company progress and improves its venture in the market among other IT enterprises that provide IT security solutions.      

4. Timely Maintenance.

IT annual maintenance contract gives product durability as the professionals continuously inspect the consequences and the elements to work well unfailingly. Throughout the contract time, they would perform the supervision and restoration of the gadgets. In contrast, the clients or utilizers get service notifications on the time that would maintain them edited with the work procedure.

5. Verified Products.  

AMC makes sure the service has authentic products and technical suggestions. The utilizers don’t have to cross-check the products once they deal with the AMC agreement.

6. Professional Technicians in Emergency Support.

AMC is a contract that is composed of a broad array of professional tech specialists who are well-furnished and constantly obtainable at the utilizer’s disposal whenever they require assistance. Expert specialists under an annual maintenance contract can bring top-notch software and hardware repair resolutions.    

IT Emergency Support

Types of IT Annual Maintenance Contract:-

1. Comprehensive Maintenance Contract.

A CMC is generally for one year and can stand expanded for around three or five years in case the parties agree. This comprises immediate assistance for repairs and reserves of defective parts or devices. A comprehensive maintenance contract prices over an AMC as this comprises the prices of the substitutes in addition to the maintenance.

2. Computerized Numerical Controls. 

Supervision of devices with automatic numerical controls needs specific talents. Suppose a venture doesn’t hold a technical CNC maintenance staff to take care of all CNC machines. In that term, this must enter into an IT annual maintenance contract with CNC machine producers. These are the finest people to contract with for sustaining these devices.

Why Bluechip Gulf for IT Annual Maintenance Contract?                                                 

Bluechip Gulf, a pioneering name in the field of IT Company in Abu Dhabi has a combined experience of over two decades serving corporate. We have managed to serve all kinds of establishments and organizations with our unrelenting and pristine IT solutions, to revamp their internal management, and help them achieve their business goals. With our popularity soaring high, we decided to venture into providing IT Annual Maintenance Contracts to organizations who are willing to get on board with us for our premium IT solutions, without any halts, all around the year.

Through our IT AMC, we delicately try to serve you by working on your IT infrastructure and equipment, from both – remote access and on-site support. Under our annual contracts with you, our IT specialists visit your site or talk/chat with you for resolving any hindrances that are blocking your overall progress. We constantly strive to minimize or negate away every kind of IT outage and system breakdown. Bluechip Gulf is a vendor-neutral IT services and solutions provider based in Abu Dhabi, that customizes solutions suiting our clients’ best needs and requirements.

Through our IT annual maintenance contract, we are able to dispense the following varied kinds of services:-

  • Management of your IT infrastructure and assets.
  • On-site visits for better management and upkeep.
  • 24-7 availability and quick response time for remote solutions.
  • Additionally, round the clock support when abrupt IT breakdowns and IT outages occur.
  • Comprehensive IT support for the upkeep, management, and improvement of your organization.
  • IT compliance management.
  • Support model maintenance and management – Cloud, SaaS, VM, etc.

We believe no two organizations are the same. This is why we do not implement a straitjacket approach for all our clients. We customize the solutions, based on your priority needs and requirements, only then are we able to provide you with the best tailor-made solutions. We add value, we add to your goals. We are Bluechip-gulf, the leading Online IT solutions in Abu Dhabi for you. Outsource your IT solutions to us today. We treat our clients like family. We welcome them with warm smiles and friendly and cost-effective support. Reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.