Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Cloud backup solutions and disaster recovery by BlueChip Gulf are efficient solutions to all your data loss and potential threat needs. Backups and recovery, also known as an online backup allows organisations to store their resources and data on the internet, using our specialised cloud backup storage solutions. Instead of your resources being saved on hefty machines and servers, your solutions are safely intact on the internet, saving you space, energy, time, money and efforts. Saving your corporate data on cloud storage strives to save your data from any unwanted threat, malicious access, and even any form of damage.

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Benefits of Cloud backup solutions

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • File migration in the most easy way
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Better management of your data and resources
  • Elimination of any future tape backup needs

IT specialists at BlueChip Gulf are reputed to deploy multiple solutions that can expertly deal with your valuable data and resources. Cloud computing backups in other words means storing all your precious data outside of your organization’s physical data servers. This makes your data more tolerant to any kind of potential hardware difficulties and malfunctions in the future. Cloud storage is made up of extremely safe and powerful encryption that keeps your data safe, even in the hardest of times. Once the setup for your cloud storage is completed, you can even go ahead and access all your files at any given time from any given location on the planet. You simply need an internet connected device. The data synchronizes with your needs and the needs of your team to help you collaborate more to realize your business goals.

How can our disaster recovery solutions help you?

Disaster recovery solutions by BlueChip Gulf come in handy when any form of disaster actually hits your organisation, making you lose some or all of your data. We strategize plans and devise ideas to secure the authenticity of your organisation to help you secure your data, your resources, and your integrity. This way, we also help you secure your IT budgets and time. All our disaster recovery solutions are reliable, affordable and flexible.

With our disaster recovery solutions, you can look forward to getting the following benefits –

  • Complete replication of your virtual servers as per your desired locations
  • Rebooting of your backups to cloud storage
  • Complete testing and upgrading of disaster recovery needs
  • Co-location of backup devices, applications, servers and equipment
  • Continuity via emails
  • Email archiving
  • Real time data monitoring and backup management.

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