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As easy as it sounds – network installation is not really a simple procedure. It involves a lot of detailing and intricacy, that only professionals at BlueChip Gulf can deal with. There are plenty details that amateurs cannot get right! Of course, our team of IT Specialists in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can! Organizations that rely heavily on servers and networks and computers often are seen struggling with the installation of certain specific networks and the agony which later comes to the forefront! Any IT firm can vouch for that! BlueChip Gulf specializes in providing flexible and customized solutions to all such problems! Our tech support team offers you with unparalleled range of network setup and troubleshooting services that can take your operational efficiency a notch up!

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Our full Range of Network Installation and Troubleshooting Services Include

  • Designing, setting up and configuring networks for your organization
  • Site surveys
  • Cabling data and voice network
  • Hardware network installation and configuration
  • Setup and configuration of Servers
  • Directory designing and configuration
  • Network security
  • Configuration of files and printer sharing
  • Configuration of internet access
  • Firewall implementation
  • Installation and configuration of intrusion detection system
  • Installation and configuration of client’s servers and networks.
  • Wireless networking
  • Setting up and managing remote access
  • Re-engineering network and managing it
  • Troubleshooting and repairing network
  • Backing up data
  • Hosted network solutions

Investing in BlueChip Gulf’s network installation and troubleshooting services can get you multiple benefits.

  • Prompt, easy and smooth onsite support
  • 24-7 remote access and monitoring
  • Solidification of your network with the help of the most reliable networking equipment
  • Enhanced network security provisions to minimize threats to your organization
  • Proactive network security measures to provide more and more data backups, without any interruptions

Network Installation and Troubleshooting services

BlueChip Gulf provides full-service network installation services for all kinds of organizations and for all kinds of needs. We provide Basic Local Area Network (LAN), intricate and sophisticated Wide Area Network (WAN), VIrtual Private Network (VPN), Wireless Network and Hosted Network. Our services do not simply end by installing appropriate networking solutions in your organization. In fact, our consultants ensure that networks around your workplace run smoothly at all times. We also provide modern IT solutions to troubleshoot any minor issue, as and when it occurs. We identify the nature of the problem, apply our expertise and find a quick resolution to troubleshoot the issue away. Our troubleshooting services are available in both modes – on-site and remote.

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