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For any business, email is a crucial communication tool. Every business must eventually decide between using self-hosted email or a third-party provider. You may have considered cloud-based hosting if your firm is still using an onsite email client. Many may have adhered to the predicament of choosing between Office 365 & Exchange Online. Should you pick a standalone email solution or a suite that addresses a number of requirements in your environment if you decide to migrate?

Microsoft Office 365 & Exchange online solutions by BlueChip Gulf are customized and compiled packages of cloud-based solutions that fulfill the basic needs of modern businesses. Bluechip Gulf is known to offer all its clients installations and setting up the whole Microsoft Office and exchange for future IT support and maintenance. Microsoft Office 365 & online exchange solutions feature business email and calendar services along with providing you with Office 365 traditional business that can help you manage your business collaboratively and efficiently. Being direct partners with Microsoft to provide you with official Office 365 & exchange services that are scalable and flexible, matching your management needs.

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What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a subscription-based variation of the Microsoft Office Suite and you have a few alternatives when setting up an account. The first is Office 365 Personal, which provides a single user with unrestricted access to all Office applications. Another is Office 365 Home, which is meant for households with several users of Office.

How does Office 365 work?

Microsoft Office used to sell software boxes that contained several of these programs. When purchasing a computer, you also had the option of purchasing a Microsoft Office box. To purchase Microsoft Office, all you had to do was make a single payment; after that, you could use the program indefinitely. For a very long time, Microsoft Office operated their company in this way. However, they revised their business model in the recent few years.

Microsoft Office 365 must now be purchased as a subscription in order to take advantage of all the features and improvements they provide. You’ll always have the most recent version of the Office 365 & Exchange Online suite because Microsoft Office changed its business model to a subscription model. An app will automatically update the software for you at no additional expense, so you won’t have to spend anything to upgrade it. But must Office 365 be renewed annually? You don’t need to renew Office 365 every year if you don’t require or desire the newest features, improvements, and limitless apps.

What Is Exchange Online?

A cloud-hosted version of Microsoft’s on-premises Exchange Server is called Microsoft Exchange Online. It is a Microsoft messaging service that permits users to contact, and share calendars, emails, and tasks over the Internet, on mobile devices, and on desktop computers. It is available as an Office 365 subscription or as a standalone service. Exchange Online’s extensive integration with Azure Active Directory allows managers to manage Exchange Online parts during their atmosphere utilizing group procedures and other admin tools.


Exchange Online users retain control over the communication services they deliver to their clients. Emails are stored on servers that many users can access at once while on the go using the Exchange Online hosted plans. These email servers are housed in Microsoft data centers, provide business-class functionality, and can be accessed by users from a variety of devices via a corporate network or the Internet.

Features of Office 365 & Exchange Online

Here are some of the features of Microsoft Office 365:

1. Access Files Anywhere

Your company is able to keep all of its information in the cloud thanks to Office 365. They can therefore be accessed from any place with an internet link and on any device. The ability to access all the programs and files you require when away from the office is crucial for businesses where mobile working is essential.

2. Secure Cloud Storage

Office 365 is an extremely safe environment with strong security controls in place, such as two-factor authentication, which makes sure unauthorized individuals can’t access your files if they somehow manage to get on your laptop. Threat detection and anti-malware enable the speedy identification and elimination of security issues, which is essential for enterprises handling sensitive data or information. Your organization can conduct business without being concerned about security by utilizing Office 365.

3. Improved Communication

Users of Office 365 have access to tools that keep Skype and Outlook communication organized and simple. The ability to hold conference calls and meetings with staff and outside organizations with Skype for Business allows you to collaborate and communicate constantly regardless of location or time difference. For cross-departmental collaboration and document co-authoring, teams offer an immediate messaging feature where comments can be posted and files can be published simultaneously.

4. Predictable spend

Office 365 is a subscription service that is paid for on a per-user, per-month basis. The degree of functionality you select for your company will determine the cost of your licenses. The price of every license is decided by the different enterprise levels, which include diverse applications and products. Paying per user each month makes expenses predictable and helps you plan your IT budget for the upcoming year.

Here are some of the features of Microsoft Exchange Online:

1. Security capabilities

There are built-in tools in Exchange Online that can help you protect your data. Enjoy powerful security features for your emails, such as anti-malware and anti-spam defense.

2. Web-based Admin Center

You can efficiently administer your company using the simple web-based interface of the Exchange admin center.

3. Multiple device security

Exchange Online gives you the option to make a list of permitted mobile devices through its mobile device regulations. Additionally, you can use the PIN lock feature to lock off private information on lost gadgets.

4. Ease of maintenance

Give your users remote access to email, contacts, a calendar, and other tasks on all popular browsers and many devices.

5. Microsoft Fasttrack 

Gain access to the Microsoft Fasttrack for Microsoft 365. This solution is intended to facilitate our customers’ migration to Microsoft 365 and speed up the completion of their business objectives.

6. Data Loss Prevention

Exchange Online has features for preventing data loss. These features aid in preventing your staff from unintentionally sharing sensitive company information with outside parties. Exchange Online can protect your sensitive data thanks to features like data recovery capabilities, internationally redundant servers, and a 24/7 team of security monitoring experts.

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How do you benefit from our Microsoft cloud solutions and exchange online solutions?

BlueChip Gulf’s Microsoft cloud solutions and exchange online services allow your organization with constant connectivity, around the clock, no matter where you are, even in the opposite corner of the globe. Whenever you and your team need to collaborate and come forward to talk about matters of utmost discretion and strategize your next business move, BlueChip Gulf’s Microsoft and exchange solutions provide you with business email, mailbox, and calendar services to bring you closer to success. You can easily access your data and attain your business goals on a daily basis.

Our services bring you the following capabilities –

  • Completely reliable and secure solutions that will prevent the onset of any form of spam, malware, and other threats coming from third parties and unauthorized access.
  • Comfort and simplicity of servers and systems when it comes to managing your resources to eliminate any possible data loss in the potential future
  • Fuller and 24-7 access to your mailbox, contacts, data, and calendar through any web browser or device connected smoothly to the internet.
  • Excellence at all times, when it comes to management solutions to optimally enhance your servers and resources.
  • Extremely comfortable user interface for all your online needs.

Microsoft Cloud-based solutions

Microsoft cloud-based office solutions and applications by BlueChip Gulf are available at your disposal round the clock through our effective cloud-based servers. Today, as of this moment, our cloud-based solutions are capable of meeting all your personal and professional needs, no matter how complex.BlueChip Gulf offers you standard but quick configurations based on your exact needs of yours. Our customized solutions to Microsoft 365 office and exchange are in every case better than the standardized versions and solutions provided by our competitors because of certain reasons.

  • Our customized solutions are standardized keeping you in our mind. You are our priority when we strategize solutions. Even if you do not have a working internet-connected device at your disposal, you surely still are going to be able to access your data and your team.
  • Our services do not just end abruptly once we have managed to set up office 365 & exchange online for you. They continue with our team of IT specialists making sure the solutions we provide you with are competent enough to meet the challenging needs the future has in store for you. We strive to maintain the same quality, even after our initial services are completed.
  • Office 365 & exchange online solutions by BlueChip Gulf can be availed by businesses of all sizes – small, medium, and large, for meeting their business goals and gaining other benefits.

Delivery Location

In order to adhere to CU’s record retention policy, faculty and staff are encouraged to use campus email delivery. You might ask for an exemption to use an alternative delivery location if you are concerned that this would interfere with your academic or research endeavors. Bluechip Gulf is one of the best Office 365 & Exchange Online providers that deliver products across Abu Dhabi.

Office 365 & exchange online solutions by BlueChip can advantageously help you gain an edge over your competitors in the coming future. You can garner more and more comfort and precision as far as your management and operations are concerned. Choose BlueChip Gulf today to redefine technology and IT for your organization today!