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Our team of experts helps you in exploring a wide spectrum of IT infrastructure services in order to plan and design an intricate network, suited for your organization’s needs at an affordable cost. We integrate innovation, talent and IT infrastructure to provide you with optimal chances of success. This way, we are allowed with chances to plan and evolve your existing network databases constantly. Network planning and design plays a key role in the high-performance and operations of your organization. At BlueChip Gulf LLC, we understand this – which is why we are able to dispense our efficient services by amalgamating your business requirements with our expertise.In the past, we have had the privilege of delivering our clients with state of the art networking plans and solutions by building out completely new scalable solutions or upgrading their existing plans to make them more flexible and scalable. BlueChip planning and design engineers are specialists in propagating models and developing real-world sites to expend brilliance your way! We have a clear understanding of all the ground level realities and are more than likely to overcome all kinds of challenges and diversions to keep your operations and integrity intact.Through our designs, we ensure that you get an intricate balance of all risks and factors.A thorough and intricate planning and conceptualising goes into delivering you with class-apart IT and networking solutions. To deliver you with authentic and brilliantly matched designs that for seamlessly with your business goals, the following stages are passed by our team of experts.

  • We audit and inspect all your organizational IT requirements
  • We plan and design your networks and servers with a long and medium term vision
  • We also plan and design quick, short-term goals as per your IT requirements
  • We install all hardware and software and configure and upgrade the same regularly.
  • We help you maintain every single equipment, remotely and on-site, 24-7

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