Server Room Setup

Update your IT Infrastructure with the Latest Servers

Servers are used to initiate and respond to the requests made by the client nodes over a network. They are essential because they work as the intermediate to manage the network resources and are adept at performing an extreme level of calculations.
However, there are some servers, which are devotedly used to formulate a particular task, commonly known as dedicated servers. So, if you are looking for servers that can manage a specific task, dedicated servers are your call.
On the other hand, most organizations opt for the shared servers that can facilitate working on various applications like e-mail, FTP, DNS, and working on a number of websites. Every organization has several sets of requirements and application processing setups, which is why they frequently need a premier source of managing their data and applications.

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A Vigilant Approach for Selecting Servers

If you are new in the world of business and are looking to have all your files compartmentalized in a central server. Managing a big organization, the major concern relies on the security of company files, so you need to think that whether you want to use a single server for keeping your records secure or want to have multiple computers to save the files.
Likewise, you are looking for a dedicated server for handling your applications or emails. Well, when you are running a large corporate sector, you have a dedicated team for each operation, this is because one person can sometimes get overloaded with work. As a reason for this having a dedicated server for your organization to meet your basic network communication needs can also be considered as an apt solution.

Living with Technology

Server virtualization has become one of the most popular practices among IT sectors. Having a third-party service provider to handle your data and files without the chaos of maintenance costs and emergency setbacks.
Our team is not bounded to any definite hardware, we at Bluechip Gulf aims to offer you the best servers that will provide you effective data transfer over the network. In addition to this, our specialists provide excellent server solutions so that you never fall behind meeting your business goals in term terms of technical aspects.
We assure satisfactory client service when it comes to delivering the best products in the UAE market and providing timely server solutions to our clients. We are known as the best server distributors in Abu Dhabi, and we provide solutions to enhance performance at your organization.

HP Servers

Take a step towards innovation by discovering the cloud-ready servers, and get industrial-related intelligent server support and solutions for your organization in order to meet your computing demands as well as mend the efficiency of your data centers.
Your business process partially depends on your software application that is explicit to your organization. We assure you that all your apps are thoroughly tested to work with our HP servers so that you can achieve the best processes. HP servers provide the users with rapid visibility keen on the diversity of server-based applications that are verified on HP hardware.
With the exclusively integrated, highly supple, and trustworthy platform, it is used to gauge impeccably in order to benefit the industries to convert their crucial data into instantaneous business operations. With the HP servers, you get an assimilated IT management that helps in storage, transforming, computing, and networking your way through the software-integrated infrastructure to systematize jobs as well as hasten your business.

Dell Servers

For every organization, it is crucial to elevate IT lifecycle. With the use of Dell servers, it takes the organizations to a next step, having expert services and solutions for all development stages that help in time and resource-saving is crucial, and taking a step to diminish additional workforce effort as well as improving your IT experience.
We provide a wide range of Dell servers, so you have a diverse range for purchasing the brand new servers from Tower servers, Rack servers, and Blade servers at affordable prices, with enormous options, offering finest-quality configurations.
Prepare yourself and your data center to manage any level of workload. Dell servers come with an extremely ascendable architecture and optimal stability of computing as well as memory storage in order to take full advantage of the server’s performance through the comprehensive range of applications.

IBM Servers

It is crucial for your corporation to retain performance and stability, which is why it is essential for your servers to meet the workload demands. In order to augment your business efficacy, IBM servers help you with the essential technological tools that will aid in the innovation and acceleration of your enterprise.
Unravel the complete potential of your data with IBM servers that are specifically designed for you to meet your critical-business workloads while helping you to maintain the confidentiality athwart your entire cloud environment.
Make sure that your network infrastructure is prepared and well-equipped to unlock the latest organizational opportunities while helping you to work with high-performance servers, ensuring discretion and sanctuary through your hybrid cloud. Buy the IBM servers and set up the extraordinary-performance devices that form the backbone of your premeditated initiatives.

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BlueChip Gulf LLC, Abu Dhabi services, including –

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  • Server cabinet installation and maintenance
  • Co location setup facilities
  • Data distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Fiber optic cabling system
  • USP solutions
  • Server stacking services
  • Cable tray system setup
  • Anchoring solutions
  • We develop the server room plans as per your requirements
  • We provide and install all hardware and software equipment as per plans
  • We supply organizations with a fully serviceable server room equipment
  • We provide all the technical support round the clock and maintain your servers.
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