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Prodesk Suite

For as long as structural design and drafting software has existed, there has been a need to transfer information between various systems. More recently, the need for collaboration and information sharing amongst design professionals has advanced to a higher level — Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Prokon’s Prodesk Suite makes BIM possible — it seamlessly transfers information between Autodesk® Revit® (world-leading modelling software) and PROKON® Structural Analysis and Design.

Structural Modelling in Revit®

The power of BIM lies in the fact that one is no longer drawing lines in CAD, but rather modelling objects like beams, slabs and columns. Detailed information about these objects is stored in a model database. In the Revit® context, any change made to an object, automatically reflects in all plans, sections, elevations and schedules. In a broader context, BIM-enabled structural design and fabrication software can use the same information and respond to changes made to the model. The benefits of using BIM soon become obvious: early error detection in the preliminary design phase, fewer errors during detail design, and increased all round productivity.

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Autodesk® Revit® enables one to create an incredibly detailed building model, and apply point, line and area loads. It also has the ability to model complex support conditions such as releases and springs. All of this information can be transferred to a Sumo Structural Modeller or Frame Analysis model using Prodesk, an add-on for Revit®.

Transferring a model to PROKON® Structural Analysis and Design

In spite of the complex translation process that goes on in the background, transferring the model a model from Revit® to Sumo Structural Modeller and Frame Analysis is a simple procedure with Prodesk:

Open the model in Revit®.

Click the Prodesk (transfer to PROKON) button on the toolbar, or select it from the Prokon menu.
Follow the prompts to convert the information into a sound structural model in Sumo or Frame Analysis. Depending on the objects present in the model, this may include setting parameters for finite element mesh generation.

Beams and columns are transferred directly with their correct section profiles and orientations. Pad and wall footings are transferred as point or line supports. Slabs and walls are meshed using quadrilateral shell finite elements.

The transfer procedure offers you a great degree of control and flexibility. When transferring a concrete slab, for example, Sumo and Frame Analysis‘ advanced mesh generator will guide you through the process to ensure that a suitable finite element mesh is created.

You have the option to transfer an entire model from Revit® to Sumo or Frame Analysis or, if you wish, selected portions only. If you transfer a single floor level only, columns passing through that level are modelled as supports in Sumo and Frame Analysis.

Transferring a model from PROKON to Revit®

In some cases, it may be more convenient to build your model in Sumo or Frame Analysis. Prodesk allows you to be flexible, and has the ability to transfer models from Sumo and Frame Analysis models to Revit®. To facilitate this interaction, Prodesk has a function for creating “family files” for sections in the PROKON Section Database (which is directly available from within Revit®) allowing you to add new sections on the fly. All of this interoperability guarantees time savings and a standardised model transfer.

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Once you have transferred a model from Revit® to Sumo or Frame Analysis, you can proceed to detail design and reinforcement detailing, and finally transfer the reinforcement back to the Revit® model.


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AV Conferencing Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

ClearOne is the leading global provider of audio conferencing solutions with a recent foray into the video conferencing segment. Their products make it possible for people to share ideas in an environment that is crystal-clear and natural. ClearOne’s installed audio conferencing products are the most sophisticated, feature-rich systems on the market. With categories like CHAT, MAX, Interact, Converge, Beamforming, Collaborate, Wireless, Spontania etc, ClearOne is dominating the audio-video conferencing segment as they enhance distance communication, collaboration, presentation and multimedia applications.


Best Printer Repair Services Provider in Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Why Bluechip Gulf is Best Printer Repair Services Provider in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Bluechip Gulf is much experienced firm giving Printer Repairing services in Abu Dhabi. Bluechip Gulf has been in the printer repair services since numerous years. The information and experience we have picked up in such a large number of years assist us with providing the client with the best Printer Repair services. Bluechip Gulf is situated in Abu Dhabi and providing services in everywhere throughout the UAE and nearby areas.

We generally make a decent attempt to provide a reasonable arrangement with the best support of our clients. Bluechip Gulf have built up an extremely experienced team of technician who knows their work and are specialists in the field.

Bluechip Gulf  has a team of qualified technician who give fantastic client benefit while settle any issues identified with Desktops, Printers, Server, and Connectivity issues.

  1. Provide services for printers and plotters
  2. Experience with giving a high-level state of client services while finding technical issues.

At Bluechip Gulf we understand your everyday printing needs and how you can stand to have your printer, copier or fax machine give you the best services, which is the reason we strive to give you the best services and repair of printer with insignificant obstruction to your business.

Our Highlights:

  • We have a Team of Trained Engineers
  • Genuine Spares
  • Component Level Repairs
  • Affordable cost
  • All sorts of repair under one rooftop
  • We supply, repair and keep up all models
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Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Bluechip Computer Systems LLC is a trusted IT services provider company that is authorized partner for products like IBM server, Dell server, Windows server, and Cisco abu dbhai products to name a few. We procure the material locally and are therefore able to deliver it to our clients in and around Abu Dhabi at most affordable rates.

IT Supplies

Our Product Offerings:
Switches: We offer reasonably priced routers and switches from reputed companies like Cisco, EnGenius, Linksys, D-link and HP ProCurve among others.

Servers: We are always on stock for HP server – DL & ML, along with various kinds of network cables, power cables, network cards, hard drives, RAM and CPU.

Routers: If you are looking for routers from established companies like Cisco, D-link, Linksys, HP ProCurve and EnGenius in and around Abu Dhabi, we can help.

Printers: We provide cost-effective Printers, Scanners, Copiers, and Fax machines from Epson, HP, Xerox and Brother.

Microsoft Products: We can help corporates meet all kinds of Microsoft requirements and have great offers on Microsoft Home and Business 2010 and Window 7 professional OEM pack.

Laptops: We deal in Laptops of all popular brands like HP, Dell, Apple, Samsung, IBM, Acer and Fujitsu.

Desktops: We offer assembled and configured desktops of various brands like Samsung, HP, Dell, Apple, Sony, IBM, Acer and Fujitsu as per the client requirements.

Antivirus: We are stockist for different corporate antivirus solutions and OEM.

Accounting Software: We deal in all kinds of certified professional accounting software and also provide customized software for HR & Payroll as per UAE norms.

Why Bluechip for IT Products in abu dbhai?
Bluechip computer Systems LLC has its eyes firmly placed on global IT developments and market evolution, and plans its stock purchase to meet your IT demands at lowest possible prices thereby helping you maximize your revenue margins.

Strong international presence that helps you tap stock opportunities, and get the best product at most competitive rates
Direct tie-ups with reputed companies that gives you an edge while dealing with global experts
Highest degree of quality service at affordable rates
Rigorous quality assurance process in place for logistics department
Constant support in meeting and satiating ever-changing customer needs
Global network and clients across India and GCC countries like (Qatar, kingdom of Bahrain)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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