Telephone Systems Implementation

A well connected organization is always thriving! The statement stands true, even today in modern times. Communication devices are necessary for the flourishing of your business and achievement of your goals. No company can go out and become a success overnight without a well-connected telephone system. At BlueChip Gulf, LLC we understand this, we have in-depth knowledge on the benefits a diverse and versatile telephone system can provide to you and to your organization; which is why we offer our state-of-the-art telephone systems implementation. Our communication solutions are efficient, cost-effective and powerful. We realise this, that is why we offer our expertise to organization around the globe with our efficient communication services.

Our Telephone Systems Implementation Services Include

  • Standard phone services for local and international calling purposes
  • Faxing services
  • VoIP
  • Video Conferencing facilities

Phone Network Installation
Our specialists provide you with phone system setup which includes a conglomeration of PBX systems, phone systems, and faxing facilities. We also simultaneously install IP gateways to ensure you are delivered with a productive work environment. Setup of telephone and communication systems is continues by our thorough testing to ensure that your workplace and your employees are never stopped from achieving their organizational goals because of any kind of interruptions.

IP PBX Systems

IP PBX or Private Branch Exchange systems allow organizations to switch calls between the human resources and arrange quicker and seamless internal phone conversations. Organizations can also switch external calls through the system. The biggest benefit these systems provide is the capability to enhance the productivity and workflow without having to call in for a big technical change in the office environment itself. No additional system or networking installation is required to maintain the same.

IP PBX system Includes

  • A PBX server
  • IP telephone systems
  • PBX software
  • An Ethernet router

IP PBX systems and telephone system implementation by BlueChip Gulf LLC, Dubai and Abu Dhabi is the one thing you need to include in your list of needs for your organization. We serve all organization with equal zeal and passion. Contact us today for a reliable and a cost-effective solution today!