Lenovo Skype Room System Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Right Time For Simplified Solutions

Most meeting rooms today suffer from these problems:

•  Projector, audio, cameras need separate
•  Meetings are delayed by and average of 10+
minutes due to ‘tech issues’
•  Only 1 person’s PC controls the meeting room
•  Content sharing is not reliable and stable
•  IT and Facilities teams have to provide and
manage multiple devices, cables, ports and power outlets
•  Audio levels are too low, and not always clear
•  External participants find it hard to connect
•  Companies will spend $100B on “Collaboration Technology” in 2020
•  92% of businesses are planning Workplace Transformation Initiatives
(WTI) to build Smart Offices

F a s t . S i m p l e . E a s y.

• Fast start of meetings without the usual connection and sharing hassles
• Simple and powerful Skype for Business gives best control of sharing and participation
• Easy dial out from landlines using the built-in PSTN functionality

C l e a r. R i c h . S u p e r i o r.

• Clear speech for remote participants even when you speak from anywhere in the room
• Rich and powerful sound for the whole room with Dolby® Premium tuned speakers
• Superior connection stability for everyone because it’s a purpose built device

I n f o r m a t i v e . P r a c t i c a l . P r o d u c t i v e .

•  Informative calendar shows current and upcoming meetings and participant roster
•  Practical touches such as Skype status indication through 3-color LED & meeting timer
•  Productive features for meetings include spotlighting of participants and presenters