Lenovo Skype Room System Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Lenovo Skype Room System Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Right Time For Simplified Solutions.

Most Lenovo Skype room today suffer from these problems:-

•  Projector, audio, cameras need separate connections.
•  Meetings are delayed by and average of 10+ minutes due to ‘tech issues’.
•  Only 1 person’s PC controls the meeting room.
•  Content sharing is not reliable and stable.
•  IT and Facilities teams have to provide and manage multiple devices, cables, ports and power outlets.
•  Audio levels are too low, and not always clear.
•  External participants find it hard to connect.
•  Companies will spend $100B on “Collaboration Technology” in 2020.
•  92% of businesses are planning Workplace Transformation Initiatives (WTI) to build Smart Offices.

Why Lenovo Skype room systems:-

F a s t . S i m p l e . E a s y.

• Fast start of meetings without the usual connection and sharing hassles.
• Simple and powerful Skype for Business gives best control of sharing and participation.
• Easy dial out from landlines using the built-in PSTN functionality.

C l e a r. R i c h . S u p e r i o r.

• Clear speech for remote participants even when you speak from anywhere in the room.
• Rich and powerful sound for the whole room with Dolby® Premium tuned speakers.
• Superior connection stability for everyone because it’s a purpose built device.

I n f o r m a t i v e . P r a c t i c a l . P r o d u c t i v e .

•  Informative calendar shows current and upcoming meetings and participant roster.
•  Practical touches such as Skype status indication through 3-color LED & meeting timer.
•  Productive features for meetings include spotlighting of participants and presenters.