3 Data Center Infrastructure Design Mistakes

Data Center Infrastructure Design, In today’s digital age, data centers are the backbone of almost every industry. It stores all your important information and keeps everything connected. It is also referred to as IT rooms, where the organization is controlled and smoothly functions. However, the success and efficiency of these data centers heavily rely on their infrastructure design.

At Bluechip Abu Dhabi, we understand the importance of getting your Data center infrastructure efficient, secure, and stable right from the start. Unfortunately, many businesses will struggle with this aspect. If you make a single mistake it leads to a big problem which leads to downtime, and compromising security.

Common Data Center Infrastructure Design Challenges

1. Knowing Your Current Needs: It is important to understand and figure out how much space and power your data service center needs right now while also planning for future expansion can be a challenging task. These IT rooms are sensitive areas and require high security to meet the demands of your organization.

2. Accurately Estimating Future Capacity Needs: While you plan to install a data service center it is better to consider future growth as well because your company’s data needs will grow over time. If you plan your task accordingly then it will be very much easier to accommodate the future seamlessly without causing disruptions.

3. Keeping Costs Down: When you are designing a Cost-Effective Infrastructure it could be challenging. It is important to consider all the factors by understanding the future model and its future which includes equipment purchases and operational expenses while ensuring that performance and reliability standards are maintained.

4. Keeping the Data Center Organized: It is important to maintain a well-organized center for efficient operations and troubleshooting. It need to be properly managed by keeping things in the right place with equipment labeling, and layout optimization is essential to minimizing the risk and downtime.

5. Choosing an Equipment Connection Method: There are two different ways to connect all the equipment in your data service center which include: the top of the rack and the end of the rack. Selecting the right method for the right connection method depends on your specific needs and plans.

6. Accounting for the Distribution of Power: Data centers need a lot of electricity to keep everything running. The challenge is making sure the power is distributed evenly and efficiently and reducing the risk of overloading circuits. So it is better to have a backup power supply in case there is no power distribution.

7. Allowing Sufficient Heat Dissipation: All those computers in the data center generate a lot of heat, which can be disastrous for your data. The challenge is designing a system that effectively dissipates heat and prevents equipment failure. It is essential to place a proper cooling system to maintain optimal operating conditions.

The Biggest Data Center Infrastructure Design Mistakes

To ensure your data center operates at peak performance and minimizes risk, we’ve identified three common design mistakes to avoid which are discussed below:

  • Not Planning for the Future
    The worst thing about Data center infrastructure design is that you do not have any plans for the future. As we all know, data keeps growing, and your data service center needs to grow with it! Many companies focus solely on their current needs, without considering the future demands.

The Solution: With Bluechip Abu Dhabi, we can help you guess how much data storage you’ll need in the future. We can design a data center that can easily grow as your business does, including the latest technology. This might involve using special building blocks, having extra space for more equipment, and making sure there’s enough power to keep everything running smoothly.

  • Forgetting About Power and Cooling
    Data centers use a lot of energy, so it is equally important to consider the role of power and cooling in data center infrastructure design. If you don’t plan for this, it can lead to major problems which include downtime, overheating equipment, and even outages.

The Solution: Do consider the power and cooling factors from the beginning! Bluechip Abu Dhabi can design a system with comprehensive heat load calculations that give your data center the power it needs while keeping it cool. This might involve using special equipment that doesn’t waste energy, using special cooling systems (air conditioners), and maintaining ideal operating temperatures.

  • Poor Cable Management
    While we are designing data center infrastructure, effective cable management also plays an important role in optimizing performance, maintenance, and troubleshooting efforts. Because a tangled mess of wires makes it hard to fix problems, add new equipment, and keep everything running smoothly.

The Solution: Bluechip Abu Dhabi prioritizes cable management throughout the deployment phase. It includes special pathways for all the cables, and labels for each one. This makes it easy to find what you need, reduces the risk of accidentally unplugging something, and makes future upgrades a breeze.


Your data center is like the heart of your business. To keep it running smoothly, you need a good design from the start. If you avoid these 3 critical mistakes you can build a reliable data center that saves you money. At Bluechip Abu Dhabi, we’re committed to helping you design and deploy robust data center solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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