Data storage

Enterprise Data Storage is an integrated armory for information, which delivers data management, security, and sharing functions. Because businesses manage large amounts of office-critical data, storage systems that are extremely ascendable, deliver unlimited contact, and support numerous platforms would advantage them the most.

There are many access depositories to select from, including Storage Area Networks (SANs), Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and Cloud storage. The exponential era of new data and the widespread adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices underscore the critical significance of data storage solution in Abu Dhabi

What is Enterprise Data Storage Solutions?

Enterprise Data storage solutions are powerful infrastructures that aim to settle and store an organization’s particular data assets smoothly. Many industries like healthcare providers, government agencies, and financial institutions use these solutions to secure various objectives like data backup, and real-time analytics. 

Overviews of the 15 Best Enterprise Data Storage Solutions

1.Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives a variety of IT infrastructure assistance to enterprises. The provider’s solution and products add cloud computing, computing, networking, content delivery, database, analytics, backup, and archive. The vendor’s diverse platforms comprehensively address both application and archival compliance prerequisites.


Caringo is a supplier of object-based technology for the access, storage, and administrate of undeveloped or file-based data. It is a prime product, Caringo Swarm, that delivers cloud storage that permits users to dispel storage clusters without being locked into exclusive hardware. 


Cloudian is a free provider and Data storage solution, that delivers S3 flexibility along with a collaboration ecosystem. The seller’s prime key, Hyperstore, delivers adaptability, flexibility, and economics within the information interior. These procedures assume areas both on-prem and in public clouds within a single, united venue. 


Cohesity crystallizes secondary storage silos into a hyper-converged, web-scale data outlet that helps both public and individual clouds. The provider presents a duo of hyper-converged platforms, namely C3000 and C4000, alongside its distributed file system solution, Cohesity SpanFS. Notably, in 2020, Cohesity achieved a significant milestone by securing $250 million in Series E funding. Furthermore, the company earned the esteemed designation of a ‘Leader’ in the GigaOm Report on Unstructured Data Storage Solution.


Dell EMC permits digital modification via mixed cloud and giant data solutions made on a data center infrastructure that conducts together connected infrastructure, servers, depository, and cybersecurity technologies. The provider-featured solution, Dell EMC Unity XT, delivers multi-cloud facilitate, and an NVMe-ready method. 


Fujitsu is an infusion and contact technology company that delivers a category of technology creations, resolutions, and assistance. These services added consulting, systems integration, settled assistance, outsourcing, and cloud services for infrastructure venues and applications, data centers, and area assistance. 


Hedvig gives a business depository for domains operating at any ranking. The deliver outlet is a software-defined storage solution with dispersed systems DNA, unlimited by existing designs that are impotent to preserve pace with scale-out applications. 


Hitachi Vantara empowers enterprises in effectively managing their data lifecycle—encompassing storage, enrichment, activation, and monetization. Within the realm of object storage, the provider delivers four comprehensive solutions: Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), HCP Anywhere, Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI), and Hitachi Content Intelligence.


Huawei Technologies is a telecom and Data storage solution that delivers infrastructure application software and appliances with wireless and IP technologies. Concerning storage, Huawei delivers all-flash hold, hybrid flash storage cloud storage, and data management. The HCI platform of Huawei, FusionCube for cloud-permitted resources-on-demand supplying and liner development. 

10. IBM 

IBM delivers a vast scope of technology and consulting assistance, added prescient analytics, and software development. The provider delivers a field of storage categories, with flash storage, software-defined storage, data protection software, storage area network, and hybrid storage arrays. 

11. Infinidat

Infinidat helps businesses and service providers permit their data-driven competitive benefits at scale. The company delivers data storage software designed to hold and protect petabytes of data. 

12. Inspur- 

Inspur supplies big data services, cloud data centers, cloud services, and smart businesses. The provider delivers Active Storage (AS) and the infrastructure SDS platform. Inspur ASI3000 is offered as a hardware appliance, but a software solution is also present for strategic clients and members. 

13. NetApp

NetApp delivers, cloud computing, information technology, and Data storage solution providers. In addition to its primary focus on on-premises storage infrastructure, the provider excels in delivering specialized hybrid cloud data services. These services streamline the administration of applications and data across both cloud and on-premises domains, catalyzing accelerating digital transformation initiatives. 

14. Nutanix

Nutanix provides cloud software and delivers implementing business virtualization without complex and vast network storage, where it is SAN and NAS. Nutanix Complete Cluster’s integrated compute and storage architecture is designed to scale efficiently, seamlessly managing petabytes of data while concurrently supporting the operation of thousands of virtual machines.

15. Pure Storage

Pure Storage is an all-flash business and data storage solution that permits vast deployment of flash in data centers. Its cutting-edge technologies empower Software as a Service (SaaS) organizations, cloud service providers, as well as enterprise and public sector users, enabling the secure delivery of data. This capability fuels their DevOps initiatives and modern analytics environments within a seamlessly integrated multi-cloud environment.

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