Monitor Shared Folders

Organizations mostly rely on shared folders and files on servers for information sharing and project management in the modern corporate environment.

However maintaining a clear audit trail for regulatory compliance, data security, and accessibility become challenges as a result of this dependency.

To give organizations in Abu Dhabi total control and supervision over their server-based data, Bluechip Abu Dhabi provides a comprehensive solution called Monitor Shared Folders and Files on Servers Services.

  • Windows File System Auditing
  • Track, audit, report and alert on all access to files and folders on Windows Servers.
  • Monitor & record file read/write/delete accesses (or access attempts), ownership changes, and permission modifications in real time.
  • Significantly reduce the workload related to monitoring access to sensitive files and folders.
  • Easy to Install, easy to use and very affordable!

Why Monitor Shared Folders and Files?

Here are reasons to choose Bluechip Abu Dhabi’s file monitoring service:

Enhanced Security- Data breaches and unauthorized permits to critical data can have devastating consequences. Monitoring file access activity allows for early detection of suspicious behavior, such as unusual access patterns or attempts to modify or delete critical data. This enables swift action to prevent security breaches and mitigate potential damage.

Improved User Activity Visibility- Gain useful insights about how people utilize shared files and folders. This allows you to identify potential security risks associated with excessive access attempts, file downloads, or unauthorized modifications. Additionally, user activity monitoring facilitates investigations into data leaks or potential insider threats.

Streamlined Compliance Management- There are strict laws protecting data privacy in several UAE industries, both public and private. Monitoring file access activity helps ensure adherence to compliance requirements, such as GDPR and UAE data protection laws. By demonstrating a clear audit trail of user access, you can minimize the risk of non-compliance fines and reputational damage.

Increased Collaboration Efficiency- Monitor file activity to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in user access patterns. You can optimize folder structures, access permissions, and user roles to facilitate smoother document collaboration and knowledge sharing within teams.

Enhanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP)- To detect and stop the unlawful transfer of sensitive data outside the company, include DLP capabilities in your file monitoring system. This can include preventing accidental data leaks via email attachments, external drives, or cloud storage services.

Improved Disaster Recovery- File monitoring data can be invaluable in the event of a server failure or data loss incident. By understanding access patterns and modification history, you can prioritize data recovery efforts and minimize downtime.

Key Features of Bluechip Abu Dhabi’s File Monitoring Service:

Real-Time Monitoring- Our solution continuously monitors user activity on shared folders and files stored on your servers. We track access attempts, file downloads, modifications, deletions, and other relevant actions.

Detailed Activity Logs- All user activities are meticulously logged with timestamps, usernames, file paths, and actions performed. These comprehensive logs allow for detailed analysis and investigation into potential security incidents or user access behavior.

Alerting and Notification- Our system can be configured to generate real-time alerts for suspicious activity, such as access attempts outside of normal user hours, changes to critical system files, or attempts to move sensitive data. This makes it possible to respond quickly to possible dangers.

Centralized Management- Manage all aspects of your file monitoring service from a user-friendly web-based interface. Easily configure monitoring settings, view activity logs, and generate reports for comprehensive data oversight.

Get Started with Secure File Monitoring Today!

Get in touch with Bluechip Abu Dhabi to discuss your specific needs and discover how our File Monitoring Service can enhance your data security, regulatory compliance, and overall operational efficiency.  With our expertise and technology, you can gain complete control over your shared folders and files, boosting collaboration and ensuring the integrity of your critical data.