Server Room Setup

The importance of a server room is critical to the success of every organization. The room strives to play a key role in your organization’s growth. Preparing and maintaining a server rom is not merely a play on wires and interior designing, it has an even greater potential.A server room involves meticulous detailing, attention to certain critical components, setting-up and maintenance of a network governing your organizational performance, operations and goals. This is why you need to be prepared in advance for every kind of unforeseen possibility. For a small or medium scale enterprise, networking solutions and maintenance is obviously a new thing, which is why you require BlueChip Gulf’s assistance. We can handle the tasks of setting up an all-encompassing server room for your organization in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Apart from simply setting up the same, we also assist organizations to configure and manage the same, improve, and access it through remote and on-site means.A fully-functional server room is suitable, convenient and essential for every organization. A well maintained server room can help you time, energy, resources and finances.

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BlueChip Gulf LLC, Dubai and Abu Dhabi  services, including –

  • Equipment rack installation
  • Server cabinet installation and maintenance
  • Co location setup facilities
  • Data distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Fiber optic cabling system
  • USP solutions
  • Server stacking services
  • Cable tray system setup
  • Anchoring solutions
  • We develop the server room plans as per your requirements
  • We provide and install all hardware and software equipment as per plans
  • We supply organizations with a fully serviceable server room equipment
  • We provide all the technical support round the clock and maintain your servers.

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  • We are versatile
  • We are all highly trained IT specialists
  • We are all highly trained IT specialists
  • We have extensive industry experience
  • We provide you with high-quality services, round the clock.
  • We can help you handle all aspects from setting up to installation and implementation

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