Managed IT Services

Managed IT services by BlueChip Gulf offer you a conglomeration of cost-effective, scalable and proactive IT solutions, round the clock to enhance your business operations and make your business goals more attainable.

Our services are designed to cater to your organizational requirements and  maximising your returns, thereby charting out your business growth.

BlueChip Gulf’s Managed IT services portfolio is designed sophisticatedly to meet the requirements of a modern day business and to improve the effectivity and efficiency of the operations. It is through these automated tools and mechanisms that we are able to meet the quality standards set out by our clients.

Importance of our Manage IT services

Managed IT services are important for a steady growth of your organization

  • The services minimise or prevent any technical halts that could get in the way of you achieving your goals
  • Your peace of mind is intact when you have IT specialists at BlueChip Gulf running your technical tasks.
  • Round the clock, proactive support is provided to you so your problems can be quickly identified and tackled
  • You get support in a well thought out, strategic manner, which automatically lowers your risks of virus and malwares, crashes and downtimes.

Full range of Managed IT services

BlueChip offers you a wide spectrum of managed IT services to maintain, develop and improve your IT connections and infrastructure. You  can outsource your problems to us, we are happy to help you!


Our services include –

  • Server management
  • Data storage management
  • Data security management
  • VPN and Network Monitoring and management
  • Hardware and software management and maintenance
  • Wireless network management

How can we help you.

Our Managed IT services can be availed by you through our proactive remote approach. We use our expertise and innovation to monitor all kinds of technical issues that are and might rise up, halting your progress. Once a problem occurs, we remotely work on troubleshooting the same.

If certain problem arises, that needs our due presence in your workspace, we make ourselves available in front of you, in person to make things smooth for you again.

We monitor your systems and infrastructure on a constant basis to ensure your progress is never stopped!

Your progress is our progress.

Allow us to handle all the complex stuff for you. We are happy to serve you.