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The PBX systems help the employees to connect with each other over telephone extensions with the help of service provider lines or PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network). Furthermore, it facilitates in-house communication for the enterprises as well as helps them in sharing a number of trunk calls among employees and employers.

With the rise in the resourceful communication within organizations, several telecom industries have introduced business telephone systems with features that will astonish the business users. These telephone systems are available to users in the two most common types – Traditional analog PBX and VoIP PBX systems.

By using the separate cables, the traditional PABX systems connect all the office telephone lines to a single central unit, so when anyone calls, the central unit will assign the call to the designated department and the employee.

However, the IP PBX systems work with the TCP/IP protocol stack, using network connectivity and the internet to transmit the calls. It acts as a central switching device to assign the trunk calls to the designated employee extension id within an organization.

The use of IP PBX telephone systems in a corporation will help to connect the calls from the central unit to other lines, which provides the users a chance to share the same network port for the telephone as well as computers that have a significant impact on reducing the additional infrastructure expense.

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Triumph your Business with IP PBX Technology

At Bluechip, we intend to provide you with an exclusive telephone system, as well as will help you with IP PBX installation and solutions in Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE. We know the importance of having good communication within an organization, which is why we deal with the leading manufacturers that offers nothing but the best telephone systems to help you meet your utmost communication needs.

A good and safe source of communication is the foundation of any company; thus, when it comes to delivering excellence, we don’t take a chance. Having intelligent telecom devices and solutions makes sure that your employees are always connected and running a reliable source of communication. In addition to this, using updated IP PBX systems helps you to grow it with your industry and delivers technical landscapes that increase the chance of cultivating your business.

Our team of experts ensures that all our clients are receiving accurate telephony solutions. By connecting with our experienced and proficient team, you allow us to provide you with the best telecommunication systems, and lets us understand the precise business communication needs so that we can design the customized communication solutions for you to achieve what you have intended.

Contemporary IP PBX systems that link with the data network instead of the telephone network have progressed evidentially with mobile devices. Corporations can now propel by using the VoIP landline telephones or headsets by using these latest systems. Just like the PBX extensions perform, the VoIP phone lines can be connected with the smartphones to work in the same manner.

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