Onsite & Remote IT Support

Bluechip computers handle both onsite and remote IT support with expertly trained individuals for each. The onsite staff remains with the organization handles the optimization of the implemented solutions with regards to the changing technological needs.If a full-time IT staff is not a requirement, we can just help you out exactly when you need it through our remote IT support. For companies utilizing our services, this is an ideal solution as our staff is already familiar with the network and can ensure fast, reliable and expert technical solutions.At Bluechip, we work hard to understand what our clients require which helps us to build a strong relationship with them. Our team ensures that we provide you the best of our services so that your needs are fulfilled well. We know that a good Customer support builds a happy customer and thus we offer highest level of customer support for all our offerings.

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Bluechip Onsite Support

There are situations when you might experience issues related to services or network which may not have remote solutions. What our team does? Our experienced professional will come your way to resolve the service related issues. Thus, BlueChip provides you an Onsite support when you are stuck somewhere in middle!

Bluechip Remote Support

Imagine a situation when you are facing any service related issue, BlueChip provides you a convenient way by providing you the immediate response time. This definitely eliminates extra expenses related to onsite service calls. We provide various levels of network support from our Network Operation Centre which helps us to provide remote support to our clients in a better way.

Benefits of Onsite and Remote support systems:

The most important thing that every organisation needs is a support system that saves time as well as costs. Onsite and Remote support helps to save both of them.If you are stuck somewhere, you can enjoy fast response time with support system.It’s obvious that if your time is saved then the productivity of staff will automatically increase which is an essential factor for any organisation.The best thing about onsite and remote support system is that it gives real time solution to any problem.


What Bluechip does for you?

Our aim is to set a new standard for a reliable IT support. We provide you the best solution at very reasonable cost. We strive hard to conquer the best experience for our customers. Our onsite as well as remote IT support system provides you a fixed budget style. Thus, our support system makes your work easier because your expenses can be planned in a better way. We also work on hourly basis, you can contact us to work with us on best hourly rates. We provide support system which is well designed to suit the needs of our customers whether they are from single location or from larger one.

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